>Difficult Me….

>I’m a conundrum i must confess, a difficult one at that. i’d like to say first off that no one should take this with any sense of humour at all because i’m serious here…… i see things in a different perspective from other human beings (seriously!!). even my own siblings give me the beaten look just after they make the statement; “we just dey manage you, na so God make you”… it might seem a joke each time they say it but honestly i know its the serious truth.
most times my frequent out bursts are a result of impatience and a lack of tolerance towards others, yet i’m the most tolorated brat living in my side of town(i can’t stop laughing).
but there was atime when i was much worse, flying into fits of rage without thinking and always throwing up tantrums whenever i didn’t get my way, but i soon grew up, suprisingly it was sooner than others expected but it did happen and now i’m calmer to an extent, yet those episodes still spring up from time to time; that’s why i thought of the name Griffin. any one who’s read quite a good number of mythology or fairytales would have heardof the animal, having the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, it hardly trusts anyone and has a short temper meaning it easily feels threatened.
in contrast i have siblings who appear to be the direct opposits of what i am, out of the four of them; my older brother and second younger sister have this ability to attract just about anybody, they’re endearing and carefree loving people while my immediate younger sister posseses an undescribable and assuring personality that makes you feel safe and warm. the youngest on the other hand is a bit similar to me but can get away with almost anything. infact she has the same mannerisms as me save for a disarmig smile that tears away all defences or forms of aggression. so it is within this midst of people like this that i find myself, helplessly the odd one out. people have tried everything from teasing to informal counseling but nothing seems to have worked, their efforts no doubt had me thinking, so i tried changing somethings about me, but it soon mademe realized something; it wasn’t that i was so difficult, i was just being me and its hard for me to change because these are the things that make me “Teni”, stopping those things would be like character assasination, realizing this made me even prouder. so each morning i sayto myself; you are special because peop-le don’t see things the way you see them. hopefully they’ll come around(lol). hope you guys come around soon.


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