Day: April 27, 2009

>Lap dances???……oh yeah…..

>I’m not going to start today’s post with a rant (not yet that is), cause its a monday, but annoying one at that.

As last weekend appraoched i was praying earnestly to God to make the weekend better than the previous one especially with my present state of Micro- Economic fainancial crisis. So here I was even with out almost a dime, hoping to have a good night out on friday night.

Friday afternoon didn’t look like it was going to lead to answered prayers, infact I had to wait till later in the night before my prayers were answered; as at 8:00 Pm i was already tucked in bed reading a Harry potter Novel, contemplating what saturday was going to be like, Mr. Capable, my brother was across the room on his own bed doing the same thing, it was as if we were mirroring ourselves through out that day (except for doing laundry that is). I kept playing around with the idea that something would give and things would just change for the better…….

So i picked up my Glo Line which had barely any credit in it and decided to try flashing SBB. After about 3 attempts with no returned call from SBB, i gave up.

To tell you the truth i just kept fuming inside, how come my sister was out having fun while me, the designated rebel in the house was all up in his room performing the unusual role of the good child, i wasn’t about to be upstaged, now i knew i had to do something to overide such mutinous attempts, luckyly it would require no direct confrontation with Sis.

All i have to do is make sure i stay out later than usual then i’ll have my Crown back (lol). But the way things were looking right now, there was no going out for me.

8: 30 PM : My MTN line starts blaring out “jocking jay-Z” so i know its one of my close friends, as I head across the room to pick it up from where I left it charging I say a silent prayer that its SBB. My Prayers have been answered!!! Its SBB, he didn’t even waist any time telling me to start heading out the door, he was already waiting for me and Mr. Capable out front. Mystery asked us to meet up with him at Blake’s resort while he wanted to go pick up Tessy Gwagz.

The last bit of information got me thinking; how serious was Mystery going to take Tessy Gwagz.

In no time we had hooked up with Mystery and were chilling at Blake’s but deep down i wasn’t feeling the place yet, it felt like i was in an old people’s home that served Alchohol and that didnt feel right in the real sense, so i just sat there looking bored, i wasn’t sure if the rest of the crew were feeling the place considering there were only two ladies with us; Tessy gwagz and SBB’s Facebook girlfriend, the remaining guys; Myself ,Mr. Capable and Ay just sat there doing our best to make conversation. Soon enough everyone seemed to get bored and that was our que to head for Dub-C.

Dub- c proved to be a better clime than Blake’s could have been, as soon as I got to the gate I started sporting faces i knew and the place felt more welcoming, the alarming thing was the large amount of people decending on the place.

Dub- C that i had discovered little over a year ago had now turned to a focal point for the average Abuja weekend Night crawler. As I walked through the gates I reflected very briefly back to the days when the place had not attained its present height of popularity. Now all sorts of people were hanging out there, but one thing that couldn’t be denied was that it was a cool place to hook up with Friends you would have hardly seen previously.

And it was in this spirit that i found “Ginger master”, I hadn’t seen him in weeks but he seemed to be doing good considerig the mood I found him in plus the fact that he literarily tried to empty a bottle of Absolute Vodka down my throat, after avoiding that little debacle we all soon found ourselves a place to sit even though it was a bit far off from the grooving crowd; (it would be important to note that Dub-c does not have a designated dance floor, still it has a Dj that performs from thursday till Sunday. people actually dance on Gravel).
Then most of the restless people started leaving, leaving the rest of us who knew that Dub- C was going to be our last port of call before we hit the sack. I just sat there sipping my cup of brandy just staring at the rest of the people around me.

There was a couple dancing nearby and the way they moved just got me curious, then that part of my mind that never ceases to amaze me sprang to life; I wanted a lap dance. A brief feeling of a scantily clad woman grinding her behind up and down my laps and groin, not like i wanted to get off from that, i simply felt like being up to some mischief.
I decided to look around, but that proved unnecessary, just a table away from where we were sitting a girl sat by herself, it didn’t take me more than a few minutes to determine she was in Dub- C more for business than for pleasure. Despite the fact that i had knowledge of her intentions i felt drawn to her and i knew a part of me had pre-selected her for my adventure for tonight but there was an obstacle i had to overcome. Bruno; a friend of mine who i normally ran into at Dub-C was already chatting her up, this already had derailed my plans, so as I approached I knew I would be treated more as a customer than an aquiantance, so I decided to give her what she expected.
I had her sit just beside me while I started chatting her up, as we talked I took every feature about her in; she was almost 6 feet tall, dark, had partially brown weaves. her skin seemed to glow beneath the moonlight, she had slight mounds of breast which were complimented by a small round waist and a small curved backside.
Then all of a sudden she seemed to loose patience so she just asked me; ” do you want me for the night or you’re just wasting my time, ’cause if you want any its going to cost you 7000 naira”. I was bursting with laughter inside but didn’t dare show it, instead I put up a stern face and asked her; ” if you’re selling me something why don’t I know what i’m getting before I give you the money?” As I said this I made the slight gesture of pointing to my thighs, she looked from my eyes to my thighs and smiled, I returned the gesture with a sly smile. We were quiet for almost a minute as we just sat there looking at each other. I had already told my friends what I wanted to do so unknown to her they sat there taking in everything that was said, waiting for her to finally take the bait.

Apparently they had expectded things to take much longer but to thier suprise, in one swift movement i held her gently by the palm as if I was guiding her over a tight rope and she lifted herself off the chair while still looking straight at me, I acted as if none of this suprised me. As she sat on my lap the Dj started playing a new song, this prompted me to whisper in her ears; ” i’m not seeing much right now”.
Through out all this time I was bracing my self for the worst; being that she would stand up adruptly and walk away. Rather than do that she started grinding her hips and the rhythm of her body said everything. I just sat there with a false frown on my face but inside I was soaked with a feeling of satisfaction while the rest of the guys kept whispering unintelligible things at me that I failed to hear.
It didn’t take long before she got up, at that point she kept insisting I pay her before we went any further. Thank God for the cover of darkness cause I couldn’t imagine what she would have done if she had seen the smirk on my face. I couldn’t play along anymore so I told her to do what any woman in her line of business would never do; she would get paid upon reaching my house, from what i gathered it was a no no, despite this information i still feared she would agree and that would have been my undoing. I stayed calm and still pretended to be interested, holding my breath for a reply. She said no way and started walking away……..
I immediatly wasted no time in getting into SBB’s car and we were soon heading home.