Month: August 2009

>I doubt if i was missed by any of you guys… i mean its been a month and except from ‘HUMAN MACHINERY’ no one even bothered to ask me why I hadn’t posted anything on my blog in a while.

Poor me to have believed i had cultivated a small fellowship. Well i can proudly tell you guys that things have seriously changed.
Oh!!! So you guys don’t believe me abi? I mean What did you guys think Griffin was doing for the past month.

Instead of sitting at home dragging myself around the house or partying all weekend long while the rest of the family was away for the summer. I instead, honestly did , go out searching for a job.

Well what do you think the results were???

I did get a job, but no ordinary job peeps… I got a job at a place I’ve always had the utmost respect for. Not only did I get a job thee, I also got thrown in at the deep end where I’m faced with challenges and deadlines on a daily basis.

Now I’m gradually learning how far i can push myself.
You guys should be really happy for me oh! As in the other option would have been being stuck with chairman and living an almost miserable unfulfilled life while being at the mercies of a low paying boss who’s only excuse for my financial dissatisfaction would be the provision of accommodation.
What really comes with all the Good news is that my social life is practically dead. I work six days a week and have late hours every working day and the truth is, I’m loving it.

Then there’s the Girl. she’s stolen my heart and i feel love stoned.

Remember that Justin Timberlake song? “Love Stoned/ I think that she knows…
well that’s what i think about when I think about what she does to me. I think that she knows, i think that she knows…… she’s got me love stoned……..

There are times when i think I’m not really cut out for the whole relationship thing, and times when I get into a fight with her, those feelings come flooding in, but just when I’m about to pull the plug something happens and i see her under the brightest lights and realize how impossible it is for me to stay away from her.

She’s my one and only, and I call her ‘Smiley’

I’m hoping i get back to my consistent level of putting up posts so you guys can finally get a full idea about what I’ve been up to and thinking…

You guys shouldn’t loose faith in me just yet.