Month: January 2010

>Master, Master???

>why do we become part of a crowd, a movement, cult, follower ship? to belong? is it a necessity? Is it all about conformity and integration? A feeling of semblance of society? There is a major desire amongst all of us. try as we all may to deny, we find ourselves belonging to something. WHY? I stand against this honestly, i believe in individuality. wholeness in one’s self.

I sometimes wonder why we human beings tend to be like this, always seeking a leader to follow, always pointing towards a figure head. Why?

Since the time of documented history, mankind has always believed in being led by one man, be it a king, a regent, a war lord or simply just a man.

I recall the part of the good Book where the Israelites went to Samuel and asked him to give them a king. I wonder what was going through their minds at that time.

well they got one alright, one who fell from the lord’s favour then went on to lead a campaign against the lord’s chosen. He died on the run from his enemies after falling on his own sword. Even David who came after him fell by the way side after taking another man’s wife. Yet the people follow these men and almost worship them.

Men always crave a leader, a Shepperd who they can follow. I’m always irritated when a man calls another ‘master’. Is it not the same form we have all taken, is it not the same mind we create our ideas from.

I say all these things in hope that i have stirred something up in the minds of those reading this. in order to become a functional part of a society i believe we all need to become masters of ourselves. exceed preset limits.

Will you tell yourself that you do not look up to some one as a master. We all have done so at one point in our lives so it is not a travesty.

through out history, men who have led have also been led.

I just ask you all; do we follow these masters because they are the only ones who give us a semblance of direction or we just want to learn their ways so we can integrate them into our ways?

Do we follow these leaders because we believe their ways are much straight and pure than ours and We believe they can do no wrong?

What is your reason for following a leader?

Mine is to learn and grow, to become my own master.

What is yours???


>Is this a rant???

>i’ve come again oh, like my friends say; “i no dey hear word at all… but WTF! why should i ever deprive myself of all the joys of feeling what could possibly be love. And so? what if I knew from the very beginning that it was bound to end before it ever began. I don’t give a SHIT what other people think,I’m glad i experienced it all even if at the end of the day it hurts so bad right now. I accepted this reality long ago and like academics; there’s always a practical as there is the theoretical….

I’m really pissed off though, guess its as a result of getting used to always getting my way. now i’m presented with a whole new proposal. You can’t have it all, even if you’ve got so much invested in it.


I’m not sure if this is a rant guys, my guts are dying to spill out everything in them but i can’t do that. the sure thing for me is that i’m gonna have a Topsy turvy emotional roller coaster for the next couple of months definitely.

One side effect to this whole thing is I’ve become morally bankrupt (with respect to emotions that is).

When you fall in love and you’re so sure that it is love…. the feeling is overwhelming… undeniable and sometimes it would definitely physically affect you. experiencing that feeling along with the harsh realities that barring a a mighty intervention from God almighty, we were not meant to be together. I guess that’s what’s still keeping me sane as of now. Knowing that this was going to happen finally.

I know i have not lost someone, instead someone has lost me so i don’t intend to go about sulking and cursing the world that i have been dealt an unfair blow…oh gosh It hurts…..

then there’s the other ladies, i don’t know why it’s happening at such a time but i think its for the greater good. ladies please take it easy…lmao… yeah right, i just think what’s happening to me is a good thing though.

Love, pain, Fun…. its all good guys….I’ll be fine.

Tinkerbell ,makes me sad also. I told you guys there might and there might not be a story, well there’s a story alright, but I don’t think its mine to share right now.

>Mr. President and Mr. Terrorist….

>A nation without a Leader, a nation that has been blacklisted because of the act of one single Nigerian. Nigeria!!! a failed state is what i’m close to calling us.

I think i’ve become really soft these days. Not really putting my foot down or being more outspoken. I guess that’s because i’m trying to stay away from the frustrating world of ineffective government we Nigerians have found ourselves and have become comfortable in.

A country where Umar Yar’ a dua has gone missing for more almost two months. It wouldn’t be a big deal if he were not our very own President.

I’ve heard a lot about African Presidents being irresponsible, ineffective and Thieves but Yar’ a dua’s tenure has seen leadership of Nigeria sink to a whole new all time low. Forget about the whole amnesty thing, his first tenure has been an utter disaster. Whether he comes back in one piece or in a coffin he’s practised the highest form of irresponsibility by any leader in Nigeria’s history.

In my paranoid mind i’m sitting at my desk thinking about what could be much more worse than the state we currently are now. Yet there are still lower states to sink to trust me.

The Federal cabinet has become like a class without a teacher or a Class captain; all i hear is ; “vice- president orders ministers not to travel”, then after that; “Ministers still embark on vacation trips despite orders from VP not to do otherwise”

It tells you the kind of Powers the VP holds. I mean the country finds it hard to look at the man as a leader since the elected one is MIA. If the dude even decides to do something now, it’ll definitely be hard for him to be accepted because of how long he’s taken to deliberate on taking necessary steps.

Then there’s the Mutallab debacle, a young man from a rich family who decides that the next big step for him to take in his life will be his last and decides to blow up an American airline filled up with passengers. SHIT!!!

I could barely get any sleep the night i heard the news cause something kept telling me it wasn’t going to be good. Then the news hit me. THE DUDE WAS NIGERIAN. how annoying could the holidays become; no petrol, mad working hours during the holidays, an MIA president, then this kid pulls this off. we’ve only just begun to see the repercussions.

Its difficult for me to smile when I think about these two situations, the kid would definitely be spending the rest of his life in some federal maximum security prison while the rest of his family become stigmatized and sometimes scorned.

In the case of Our missing president, its still a mystery,his aids or family are not forthcoming with details on his condition, which has left room for the tireless rumor peddling to continue.

Nigeria has seen her stock fall in the international scene for the past two and a half years but the Mutallab incident surely dealt us one of the heaviest body blows ever.

Being Blacklisted by a country like America would mean other Western states would follow suit shortly. And Yar’ a dua is no where to be found to give instructions on how to save this situation….hmmmmmm…..

While what is left of this government is busy trying to hide the where abouts of their Oga what are we the masses doing about this situation? I don’t want to believe Nigerians has become so accustomed to the ineptitude of their leaders that we wouldn’t bother to raise their voices against this nonsense…. I don’t think now is a time for us to let Interest groups with either axes to grind or lopsided interests to hijack this opportunity to speak against things like this.

Naija stand up oh…. i no go talk am pass this one… I heard there’s going to be a march from the unity fountain to The National Assembly…. what will you be doing on that day? i sure wanna be there.

>New Year Jingles……

>2010 doesn’t feel different.everything doesn’t feel 2010 at all, its more like i just woke up and knowing that it’s Friday. Yet all the ordinance and explosive like fire works reminded me there was something to celebrate….but what exactly? I worked late on new years eve and made it to church just 15 minutes to midnight. Good thing was i crossed over with my brother and best friend, we said prayers of thanks giving together and boy were there alot of thing to be thankful about.

WOW! a decade has gone by folks since we said good bye to the Ninties and here we are in a new one looking forward to what the future holds for each one of us.

Most important on my mind as i thought about 2010 was where i wanted to find myself by the time we would b ushering in 2011… what exactly did i want and where exactly did i want to be?

My own House, a woman i was i could call my partner and friend. As i thought about these things i began to feel the need for them, I mean i was beginning to feel like an alien in Chairman’s house already… gradually becoming a passing shadow in a place i used to call home.

how drastically things changed, but a sure fact for a long time was that they definitely were going to.

Its not clear cut, precise, defined or organized, all i know is that i have to be where i want to be and have what i really need in 2010…

Then there’s the part where the unexpected could happen. As part of celebrating the entrance into the new year, i was hanging out at Dub-C with the boys when out of no where i see Tinker bell sitting directly opposite me.
The first question that came to mind was; Where on earth had she been hiding, knowing how frequently i had double checked every petite, light skinned lady who came my way. I had expected her to have kids by now knowing that the main reasons why she disappeared was that she was to be married off. Now there she was sitting there opposite me…in a place i barely expected to run into her…

As expected we saw each other, I’m not going to start talking about this story until i know for sure its a story… then I’ll give you guys the dish… till then, PEACE…