Month: June 2010

>Noise from Hell

>So the world cup has begun and i have a confession to make; I think I’ve seen too much foortball in my life i might just ignore this sacred competion.

Just this once guys. My head can only take so much.
I even have a feeling the players aren’t too commited to have a go at it this time, i mean its not exactly their bread and butter. And in this new dawning age, Glory is being redefined.
So if any one’s really looking forward to gutsie performances and blood. maybe you should tune in to another show, like ‘UFC’.

This world cup is unique to most of the people i know because its the first ever to be held on African soil, cue the Vuvuzelas… oh yes it really means something, A vuvuzela is really an existing object.

For we Africans who have developed a following of football around the continent, you might have come across these objects while watching a South African league match (PSL).

They’re long horns (bout 3ft 3 inches) made of plastic and …. they sound so annoying.

Most football loving fans in Africa already heard about these contraptions from God know where when we watched the 2008 African nations cup when they hit us by suprise.
Unlike what is observed now, Africans in the sub saharan region mostly greeted it with indeference.
To them it was just one of the many diverse things they were introduced to by the rapidly shrinking village that this world is now becoming.

The Vuvuzela didn’t meet such similar reception in 2009… at the confederation’s cup it divided opinions and generated its own publicity.

At the Confefderations Cup, the vuvuzela was introduced to the world and the world was not impresssed. In fact it got both local and international voices calling for it to be banned for the world cup.

Others disagreed and the debate went on and on till we arrived at this point, its the 2010 FIFA world cup and the matches are well underway.

The Vuvuzelas are as strong as ever.
Some have given it various names, but the one i find most captivating is the title name; “Noise from hell”….
The reason being that there’s nothing pleasing about the noise. it cannot be traced to any traditional heritage in particular and has several people claiming its creations and origins.

This object can best be described in one word; Annoying.
it simply blurts out proabably a stolen yawn from the devil you might say.

To top it all off, the Vuvuzela has been known to cause hearing loss through exposure to its irritating sound. claims have been made that its typical noise level is measured at 127 decibels and players have complained that it hinders concentration and communication.

Maybe they should have bannd the damned things sef or maybe not.
probably we’ll all get used to it and our ear drums could get accustomed.

All i know is for now the damn things are straight outta Hell!!!


>Re- up

>If you follow my blog you would have concluded by now that I know nothing about relationships or to phrase it long; matters of the heart.

almost every tri- blog i’m most likely talking about or complaining about matters of the heart.
then there’s my last post.
Featuring another round of oooohhhs and aaaaahs coming from my by now exhausted heart. “i’m sure if my heart had hands had facial expressions, it would look like Rachel Oniga during her crying role days in Nollywood”.

Since i started this Blog in 2009 i’ve gone through one sort of emotional drama to another.
its not exactly Rocket science to deduce that i’ve been over indulged.

So i’ve made up my mind, i’m not going to be talking about the things i am most practically inept at.
instead i shall now focus on the aspects of life that I thrive on.

Example……. ……………


10 minutes later and i’m clueless.

What do i thrive on?

maybe when i figure it out i’ll make it official.
Onto serious issues;
Any one know where i can get another job? this job right here’s sucking the life out of me. Yes i know, if I had studied harder i’d probably be in one oil coy or something.
but here i am… Job’s not so bad, save for the lack of a social life, no weekends and 17 hours a day shifts every other day. but i’m not here to whine.

I just need another job. Somewhere with more structure, a place where i don’t necessarily have to be treated as family but where i get my due.

My current work place is more like an extended family and as usual in any social dynamic i find myself, i’m gradually gravitating towards becoming the typical outcast, nothing special though.
Its just my way; rebellious & non- conformist.

Seems like i’ve gotten boring…. someone i told about this said i was just getting matured.
for me i think work is just making me forget about a lot of things.
I don’t want to become the kind of old folks who get stuck in a particular period.

Imagine if i get stuck in this time. My kids would definitely get laughed at in school….
“hahahahahaha… your daddy still wears skinny jeans”
That’s a nightmare!!!


>These words are mine, they convey pain, joy, love, anger and regret…. these words are my realities, at a time when it seems like i have let one get away. ‘The one’…..

Forgive me if this post does not take up any regular or coordinated pattern…

these are my words ,the words that come forth when i think of smiley…..

Meeting her for the first time;
…, this one’s got a smart mouth, but she can’t try me when i’ve got my buzz,…… OK she’s good…..
“what do you do?”
she tells me she’s in Gwags studying law…. my family’s bread that is….

First time i drive over to her place to pick her up for the first time, there she is walking elegantly out of her house…
she’s wearing jeans but she’s got shorts in her bag cause i told her to wear them…
she’s in the back seat of the car changing… i don’t steal a peak (i swear down)

later that evening we’re having fun and all of a sudden she’s dull, i wanna know what’s up, she tells me not to worry. i can’t help it, i just can’t stand her looking like that. i lift her up in the air from her waste hold her there for a few seconds and say through my uneasy breathing; “i got you”,

Oh my God!!! That smile… it tames me…. I try to kiss her in the car on our way back but she tells me no, I’ve been smoking….

She makes me wanna quit tobacco…. even if its to get a lip.

me and smiley can’t stop texting… its all i ever do… she’s always there… typing away… coming up with something witty.

and when we’re together… i love it when she falls asleep in my arms….

on a friday Evening, she calls me that she’s coming over, i’m already with the boys at the local.. having a beer. *shit!!! i hop into the car and drive like Roger Moore… Toothpaste and and a tooth brush can’t do much harm???

By the time she gets to the house i look as guilty as sin.

On a odd day that i get off work early, i’m chilling with the boys,
she shows up and sits with me throughout… i go get something from the car and stand a few yards a way chatting with Mr. Capable… he’s talking about something else completely but my mind isn’t there… i’m staring at her, thinking to myself; “this is it, this is what i want”
I never realize i’m saying it out loud…
Mr. Capable looks at me and till this very day, he never lets me forget.

Now its almost a year on, Smiley has come smiley has gone… Smiley was almost set to return to me… our ups and downs have gone beyond the flat lines on a hospital life support monitor.

Most of the misdeeds are traceable to only me… I’m as guilty as sin (how ironic).

Today I said some of the most terrible things ever to come out of my mouth to her. I said them and its too late to take them back I guess, she’ll probably hate me forever.

Smiley is special. Emotional and yet brutally honest.

I let her slip away and when she was about to reach back and hold my hand once again i lost it. I couldn’t wait a bit much longer.

If i could do this now what would I have done if she came back to me.

I probably don’t deserve her. She probably deserves someone better.

I’m alone now. All by myself.
“Maybe you’ll forgive me …” … i think to myself

But if you do return. I don’t want to ever lose you again.

Smiley i miss you.