Month: September 2010

>So Far….

>By tomorrow, it would have been a week since I left my previous work place and it’ll also be five days into the new one.
Yes, it didn’t take that long.
I apparently have been fight this battle for so long, running aways from what seemed like my inevitable destiny.

Many years ago when I was still in college (University like we call it also), Chairman hauled me down to Abeokuta to be on site with him… In the midst of my grumbling and obvious disgust at being pulled away from the opportunity to be a typical teenager, I found myself sweating it out with men, even going as far as hauling equipment through over growth. On one of those days, he mentioned something in passing that has in some way, now taken full form. He said.. “After all, I set this all up for you…you’ll be the one to take over all this one day..

Almost 8 years down the line I’m sitting here, in my office which is adjoining his, as the newly appointed Project Manager.

I admit I fought this thing for many years, telling myself as well as who ever wanted to listen that I wanted nothing to do with this company.

Infact, Chairman and I could barely stand each other most times.

Its my irony in every sense.

Now I see a much more potent challenge in front of me. My previous job compared to this was a walk in the park.
Now I have a lot to prove to myself and day by day it becomes much more apparent that I haven’t seen anything yet.
If chairman has any faith in me, I do not know.
Each day that passes by will tell.

In other news, some sort of normallcy has returned back into my life, my world no longer revolves around the four walls of a building and the world definitely seems much more bigger once again.

Maybe I’ll finally have more time for blogville, I know not.

Have you guys been keeping abreast of the happenings in the political sphere? Nuhu Ribadu just declared his candidacy for the presidency…. Eheheheheheheh…. I fear I might wake up tomorrrow to find out Donkeys have started flying…. *ooopps*

Lemme take the opportunity to wish myself !!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Yes.. It seems self absorbing but truth is I don’t expect it to get much more exciting than this.

Later peeps… Deuces!


>The End had been nigh…

>So today’s my last day on the job, it was supposed to be the 1st of October.
I got called up to the Boss’s office and was told my services were no longer required after the end of the work day.
Now what do you know?
13 days to my final day and they drop this on me.
I apparently had it coming. I mean my attitude changed and I only performed my basic duties not pushing myself up to and beyond my accustomed limits.
One significant thing I had stopped doing was addressing Memos that related to finances. It was my own way of considerably reducing my activities to a bareable minimum. I found nothing wrong in this decision personally. Apparently other people did.
Now I’m sitting at a cozy joint reflecting on the past 13 months of my life at this establishment.
One thing is clear, it was never a complete waste of time. Maybe time could have been properly manageddoing other self improving and productive things but I confess that I don’t entirely have good things to say about my departure.
I’m not one to dwell on the trivial to be honest but now I see that it is the very things I considered trivial that have placed me at this current position.
In truth I have always had issues with authority right from a young age and I can’t say I learnt or adapted to the whole structure within this new establishment. All that mattered was the job and the result. All else was trivial (call me Achilles). And I can assure you I did my job with aplomb.
But just like mythological Achilles my weakness was apparent, not a physical appendage but I confess it was very visible to the trained eye.
I choose at this point not to point a finger, though I must confess that I have lost a friend I considered valuable.

Life must go on, and it already has. My mind though at this point is still saturated in a mixture of anger, sadness and excitment, it still is perplexed. WTF happened?
Its funny how I never referred particularly to anyone in my office directly on this blog, guess its cause my subconcious knew things I didn’t.
Like I said about this same time last year; the future isn’t all too clear, but I’m walking into it with an open mind and something tells me you’ll not always have to check my blog to hear about me.

You think I’m not in any way scared. Maybe slightly…. But yet again, uncertainty does that to you.

>My Dynamics

>I’m currently under medication and my mind is restless.
Its just interchanging thoughts and randomly for that matter… several issues fill my mind now and its not worrying at the moment. They should be insignificant … What is paramount right now is the question i want to put forward to my few and far between readers.

How far have you come in your journey of life and what is your current assessment?

Over the last weekend i embarked on a trip to Akure, Ondo state. The reason being the witnessing of the solemnisation ceremony of my college (University) buddy and Former Room mate. For over 3 years about 4 of us shared a flat. I guess he was the oldest. there were the other two guys; Gando and Gestapo. funny enough they shared the same name.

Fast forward 4 years after all of us were expected to have graduated.
and in the middle of July i get a phone call from him (we called him sonita). He proudly announced to me that he was getting married on the 4th of September and had chosen me as one of his grooms men.

As i sat in the Van taking me to Akure, i reflected on what i was about to witness. In truth, he seemed like he was going to be the first of us who was going to ditch bachelorhood.
The question now was have i ever given myself to the eventuality of this sacred institution?

In life’s journey it is almost part of the rites of life for a long living man to aspire to take a wife who shall become his mate, and also it is the same for a woman.

Of my few readers, i guess that majority of you are young people. At one point or the other you all shall make that decision to take a life partner.

the truth is this in my opinion is the most sacred of rites as we pass through this world.

Death, which is inevitable is also one of those; to become dust again.

I question myself if my awareness has brought me to this very threshold.
If in truth, at my over twenty something years on earth i have come to the point where i ask myself; will you take a wife? Have you found one who your heart longs to merge with or to raise a family with?

I think about it, i hesitate.. are you thinking about it?
What stage are you on?

Have you found a partner?
These questions are several, they make up a list you might find in any marriage counselling medium.

But i ask you as one of you? It is not to urge you or pressure you? because in truth the question might not be about a life partner, it might be about you Position at work, evaluation of friendship and relationships, it could be about the need to become somebody or make a mark.

The most paramount thing is; ask yourself; where are you right now, and do you think you are meant to be there at this point in your life.

It took me months to evaluate, sometimes i would hesitate. But i finally am at the point where i know my position and and know where i should be (not in the marriage sense oh!).

I’m making a move now, with God in my heart and a past full of experience.

It changes from here on for me.
What about you?

Are you static or you really want to move?


>Swiss Beatz isn’t gonna be here….

>”I’ve got a million ways to get it…. choose one, Hey!!! bring it back, double your money and make a stack….. I’m on to the next one…”

I’m so biting Jigga’s flows..
“big pimping in the house now….”

I’ve always been a fan of Jay-z, in more ways than simply his Music, he’s inspired me.
Bone all that Illuminati talk abeg…

this is a man who started from barely scrap to hustling in the streets… making his name into a major brand.

His story is one of Perseverance and Dedication to his Art, consolidation and finally diversification.

Then there’s the hot chick on his arm…. Upgrade who? she better think twice, that dude needs an accessory, not an upgrade.

“I don’t get dropped, I drop the label…. “

I just made a big decision, i walked away from a likely secure position, now i see myself in a wilderness of uncertainty.

I have ranted, complained, bitched about how crappy and interesting my job is…. but at some point i decided to give myself an expiration date.

A date which would either see me leave this company or rededicate myself to it.

Now the date has come and sadly I have to say, it sees me saying ‘goodbye’

I turned in the piece of paper yesterday…
A month from now, I’ll begin working for Chairman.

Yeah! A lot of you who know about our relationship will be wondering what could possibly lead me in this most unlikely direction….

Truth is, i just have a feeling about this, a desire, to build something… to create an empire….

“Niggaz don’t be mad cause it’s all about progression, loiterers should be arrested….”

It truly is all about progression, and from my stand point, Progression doesn’t come if you sit by waiting.

You could argue that I enjoyed the privilege of meeting people and making contacts. The truth is even if I had met a thousand people who were viable contacts, I’d probably not be ready.

Whatever was there for me to learn, i had seen and learnt and discovered i had no interest in such.

My mind had become suffocated, gasping for air in the face of a controlling central structure, the whims of ruling overlords and the bickering of the very embodiment of too much estrogens.

I had survived all this for 12 months (that itself is an achievement).

So now that this chapter winds to its end, the phrase is ; “on to the next one”

Jigga made several multi- platinum selling records and still is waxing stronger in other aspects of his business…

I sit here, with no other job offer.

I’ll always cherish the memories i have of this place, and the people…

It was a wonderful one year. A year of awakening. An awakening of the desire to become my own man.

This place sure taught me how to cultivate that desire.
Now i have to put to practice what i have learnt.

It’s not going to be an easy road for me, but I’ll have to take it one step at a time….

“….the world can’t hold me, too much ambition…”