Month: November 2010

>The ‘R’ Word.

>I can tell you what’s wrong with your car by the sound the engine is making but i can never tell you what’s wrong with your heart by the sound of your voice……

I’m an averagely good observer of people and i pride myself to a certain extent with the ability to predict a group of people’s next move, but not the individual. You see the individual if left a lone is like a live wire… beating the ground restlessly feeling for momentum, hoping to be nudged by.. something…. someone.

The individual left alone is most likely unpredictable, that is why you’d most likely see a guy all by himself in a cafe reading a book (this is the same dude you might have seen three Fridays in a row at the club getting wasted with his buddies), the only explanation; his guys are either engaged in other activities he’s not interested in or they’re out of town. Hence he tries to act alone, he sits for a little while, ponders his next move, reflects on what he would habitually do by himself. Laundry? too boring, Call the girl he’s been meaning to give a call? nah! she said she was leaving town last week, what a bout reading a book? hm mm…. sounds interesting… and off he goes, book in hand i Pod in pocket and a conviction in his mind that he’ll definitely enjoy those few hours all by himself.

This was in partial my situation a few days ago. Just a few pages into the book, i found my mind driving down a different path… one not so affiliated with the particular text in front of me.
And boy, did my mind wonder…….

Through no particular form of inspiration or enlightenment i began to ask myself varying questions that touched on life and society, happenings and discourse but my mind seemed to nestle on one particular topic… Relationships. And before your minds start to get their typical ideas, i bid you to pause. I do not mean relationships in the narrow sense as is restricted to the interaction between a man and a woman, i mean it in its whole entirety. The relationship we have with God, with our Parents, our siblings, cousins, uncles and aunts, friends, colleagues, enemies and even the bogey man.

We all have the fitted boundaries within which we’ve been brought up to asses these various forms of relationships, through morals & culture, imbibed through religious teachings and over all the way society sees it.

But as an individual, how do you see these relationships?
What defines it for you?
Are these relationships formed and in line with what you were brought up to believe?

Personally as an individual, these relationships have different meanings to me…. the most underlying factor fundamentally is what is important though. ‘RELATIONSHIPS’
without them we do not exist. that is why we have NIPOST, Address books, land lines, diaries, mobile phones, FACE BOOK, twitter, My space, Yahoo, parties and BBQs.. etc.

WE all build relationships as a means to different ends but the basic reason for having relationships is to exist.
Even Robinson Crusoe found ‘his man Friday’. In an ambiguous way, this is sort of how i see some of my various relationships;

GOD: I have a million and one questions to ask, but i have just this one for now…. What’s so special about SUNDAY?

My Parents: They instill in me the basal idealism they believe i need, they do their best to protect me from aspects of society they feel will scar me, yet they do not know my eyes have seen. I am effortlessly loyal.

My Siblings: My foundation, my innermost circle, the people who see me the way i truly am cause i am too aware that they have accepted me. I’d do anything for them, and i mean anything.

My Friends: The people who project my views of society, the guys i intellectually joust with. who i believe share a glimpse of the future with me. Who for no reason in particular i have developed an unexplainable bond. #no-homo.

My Lover: The woman who has my heart, she must be willing to give me her’s. We both are human therefore are capable of rough handling on the occasion. We must strive to make each other better. I pray for her success and believe she prays for mine.

My Cousins: The people i hate to love. but i Love them any way.

“on a lighter note”:

My enemies: What did i ever do to you??? Get a life.

My colleagues: Its nothing personal. I walk out that door and that’s all we are, colleagues.

My Pastor: Sorry *sign of the cross* i just don’t trust you. never will.

My Accountant: Keep on stealing the 5%, your accountant will still from you too.

The Bartender: I’ll be nice to you just as long as you don’t spit in my cocktail

Tax collector: ‘F’ u!!!

The guy/lady i bump into round the corner: keep walking

have a great weekend guys…



>Who Send Me message???

>And i had a monster of of a weekend, well more like monster of a end of the weekday. Fact is I’m still not fully recovered yet. Full fitness is still a few naps away.

In other news, my friend Skills is not well. Either someone installed a nuclear reactor in his bio-system or he’s on something we don’t know about. #Thatisall .

Some of you have started checking out my second blog ‘Political Griffin’. the address is Those of you who have visited the the blog deserve an apology from me. my last post had a couple of typos which i failed to correct before posting. I can assure you that they won’t happen again.
Was in a rush when i was putting it up and in a way its not even complete if you’d observe, especially with the brief anti- climax that was the end.

I got re-introduced to BYOB on Thursday and it was no small shindig.

I had the opportunity of attending the premier of ‘Inale’ thanks in no small part to teeweezee and i confess i was more than impressed.
Finally a Nigerian musical with a rich story that could be considered a classic.
I’m going to be honest, it was a good movie, yes, just a good movie by international standards.

By the time i was done with that, i hooked up with the boys at Stadia and trust me they were in in the mood for some partying.
So imagine about 6 guys all suited up walking into the club, no one had a girl cause we made up our minds that it was gonna be a sarging night (wing men aplenty).

The first person i saw when i got in was Skills with his friend CFC. they already were on some Vodka and juice ise and i immediately joined in. in no time i was feeling the buzz and Mr. Capable introduced me to E; petit and cute with a shy smile. The place was looking like a sausage fest at that moment so i did a bit of looking around.
I was just about consulting with Skills when the chicks came into the club in droves. things were beginning to even out and in no time I was grinding hips with a couple of chicks and trying to chase down a few couple more. I have to admit, suiting up was not a bad idea.

Mystery and Phoenix ditched us a few hours after midnight but Mr. Capable and i showed no signs of slowing down.
We left the place at about 3:30AM for the crib. On the way home i couldn’t help thinking how useless i was going to be the next day.
true to form Chairman had a thousand and one things for me to do as early as 7:30, coupled with the fact that i had to get lil’mama to her office before 7:45. i felt pretty sorry for myself but accepted the situation as my full responsibility.
By noon i called up Mystery if he had a place in his office building for me to rest my head, as soon as he answered in the affirmative i was there in half the time it would normally have taken me. I managed to get about 15 minutes of sleep before my phone started conspiring with my enemies.

By evening, i was back at Stadia with the rest of the crew and a few other guys downing a couple of bottles of Vodka. This night around we upped the ante, hitting not one, not two but four spots that night.

7:00AM Saturday morning, one more bottle of Vodka down and countless memorable night scenes flashing in my mind, i trudged towards the crib, making a solemn oath to stay indoors. That wasn’t to be; Saturday was Grandma’s birthday dinner and there was no way in hell i was gonna miss that.

Lets just say the rest of the weekend was literally a snooze.

I’m probably not gonna be doing partying on this magnitude again for the foreseeable fortnight.
I recall when I’d always be on a run like this for 2 consecutive months before I’d give slowing down a thought.

Hopefully, next weekend is a bit mellow and sane for me. If it doesn’t turn out that way then i still will take full responsibility.

as always, Deuces!