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>………………* Continuation of Chapter 1*…………

Dubem couldn’t understand what exactly was going on. A minute ago, he was just finishing lunch with his girlfriend, now here he was, in the midst of kidnappers.
What kind of ridiculous amount were they going to charge his salary earning parents? Then again, he wasn’t sure he was being kidnapped because of his potential ransom fee.
This mysterious brief case had everything to do with it, yet they didn’t bother to take it out of his hands. He was being allowed to hold onto it.

The Lady in the purple blouse made a call as soon as they were beyond the city limits; “…we’re almost there sir, we have the case but Justice got away..” she paused for a few seconds, listening to whoever was on the other end of the line; “..okay sir.. see you there”.

She turned to the driver and simply mentioned ‘ Gima Quarry’. He immediately picked up the speed and they were at their destination in less that 15 mins.

All Dubem could see was an abandoned Query site. There were only two things in plain sight; An abandoned six wheeler truck parked in a corner of the yard and a Black Range Rover Sport edition. The plate numbers were concealed behind black fitted covers specifically made for the plates.

The driver stopped the Camry in front of the Range Rover but no one got out of either car. Dubem could sense a bit of Tension in the air and the awkward silence between all the passengers made it worse. Dubem couldn’t tell if there was anyone in the Range but he suspected there was, yet he could hear the silent hum of the SUV.

Eventually the Lady in the purple blouse got out of the Camry and walked over to the Range, as she place her hand on the passenger seat door handle she froze, her attention was drawn to another direction and everyone in the Camry including Dubem looked in the same direction.

A man in white Flowing Bouba came from behind the abandoned truck holding his trousers tightly round his waist and started walking towards the cars.

The Lady simply let go of the door and stood at attention, her face flushed with embarrassment.

The man in the bouba seemed to be giving the lady a tongue lashing as each sentence seemed to bring her face lower into her chest. Meanwhile all the men in the car gave out various degrees of chuckles. The man to Dubem’s left finally spoke;

“shebi i told Mercy not to form too much James Bond with the whole disguise see wetin oga go do am, God don catch am..”

Dubem didn’t know what came over him when he muttered; “abeg, who be that man?”

The men on both sides looked at him but said nothing. It was the driver who sat in front that gave the answer; “That’s Justice’s Father.”

……. * To be Continued* ……


>Introduction to *ONE NIGHT*

>i was sitting at my desk trying to figure out what to write last night for more than 4 hours, by the time i was shutting down and on my way to bed, nothing was posted. I confess no one will ever see what came about my attempts to write up a new post from last night. Yes, it will be forever banished to the kingdoms of ‘the never posted blog-posts & crap’.

I went to bed feeling disappointed, having been unable to arrange my thoughts and quell the usual chaos it normally is in.

By this morning, despite the fact i had retired to bed in the wee hours of the morning, i still managed to discover a renewed determination burning within me.. If any one had taken a closer look at me, my eyes would have given away the whole plot.. it was that obvious…

Now here’s the idea….
over the coming weeks, I’m going to come up with some characters, unique in their own ways and never perfect.. it’ll be hard to believe but they’ll all have one thing in common at the end of the series… I’m calling it the *THE ONE NIGHT SERIES*…
In my mind i hope i can fit them all into 12 posts and ensure that each one is as in-depth and gripping as i intend it to be…

at some point in time i might degrees and put up something entirely different but please bear with me, its all for the sake of the story..

And now i Present to you *ONE NIGHT SERIES Chapter1*……

……. Abuja, Nigeria… November 19 8:24PM……

Dubem pulled back the shower curtains and reached for the towel, it had been a long day. His mind kept going to the brief case in the wardrobe of the hotel room he currently was in. It sure was going to be a long night and he was running late.
His life had been quite uneventful up until earlier in the day when he met Justice the stranger who had handed him the brief case at the Lunch date he was about rounding up with Feyi his girlfriend.

All the training he had received as a Banker did not prepare him for the events that had transpired after that brief case had gotten into his hands. It seemed like he was in a movie, an action one at that, with all the funny looking men in suits and cab hopping.

It still felt surreal, he recalled the last thing Justice had said to him; “go to New Chelsea hotel, I’ll meet you there at 9:00PM. The receptionist already knows you’re coming..” and those were his last words before he ran out of the restaurant.

How did Justice know his name?

How did he know he was in that restaurant at that particular hour?

Why did he hand him the brief case?

Dubem was perplexed to say the least. What was he getting himself into by actually showing up at New Chelsea Hotel with the brief case in tow?
What if it was a trap set by some would be ritualists or Kidnappers who wanted to get something he didn’t have.

His parents were definitely not going to be happy. He thought back to the phone conversation he had with his Dad an hour ago, it had not gone well as usual and it also seemed strange for his Dad to have called him on this day of all days.

His Father sounded angry but not particularly at him and he recalled he hadn’t done anything wrong recently. The man had simply gone on about his continued refusal to bring home his girlfriend who he claimed was going to be his future wife. He wondered if it wasn’t his mother who was supposed to be doing the nagging. So far she merely mentioned the issue in passing.

He had intended to get back to work and clear the remaining paper work on his desk and close for the week early so he could meet up with Feyi and her friends for a movie at Silverbird that evening but the brief case weighed on his mind because he still held on to it.

Feyi had already left when his encounter with Justice happened because she was already running late for her next appointment with a potential client who she swore was going to love the house she had to show him.

He wished she had been there to witness the whole thing, that way the burden would not have entirely been his alone.

As he walked out of the restaurant he noticed a Navy Blue 99 Toyota Camry pull up at the other side of the road as he was about to hail a cab. Two men in black suits sat in front while a lady in a purple blouse and jeans stepped out of the car from behind the driver seat. Dubem’s untrained senses heightened despite the lack of any foreseeable danger. The lady walked up to him casually, she had a lollipop in her mouth and an inviting smile.

For a split second he could have sworn he recognized her from somewhere but the fact that she was now standing right in front of him relegated the attempt at recollection to the back of his mind. she was about 5’9, just about his height with light skin and wore her natural hair with no make up. She was clearly beautiful with a lack of effort and he was forced to take notice despite the awkward situation. His eyes went back to the two men in the blue camry and they were clearly watching his every move.

The lady in the purple blouse started talking to him; “this might seem out of place but would you mind if you came with me and my friends? we just want to have a chat with you. I know this is wrong but i just need you to trust me, we’re not in any way dangerous..”

Dubem was obviously taken aback but tried to maintain a calm demeanor. The first words that came out of his mouth exposed the level of discomfort he felt; “what kind of kidnapping strategy is this? or do I look like I’m half retarded or something???” His abrupt hostility was almost a reflex action, but he couldn’t take the words back as fast as they flew out of his mouth.

“..please don’t take it the wrong way Dubem, we simply want to have a chat with you..”

The fact that this perfect stranger knew his name told him all he needed to know; he wasn’t safe standing in the open and the sooner he got out of there the better.

As he attempted to walk away from the lady in the purple blouse she grabbed the brief case he was holding and the two guys who had been watching them in the Blue camry came out of the car at the same time and started walking towards him.

The lady continued pleading while still maintaining a firm grip on the brief case; “please we won’t take too much of you time i promise..” No matter how inviting her voice and smile were, the fact that the two guys in suits were fast approaching gave him the assurance that the so called short talk wasn’t going to be short at all.

In one single move, he yanked the brief case from the lady’s grip and made a run for it. He had barely taken 4 long strides before he ran into someone. He was about to murmur a quick apology but he was apparently in for another surprise. The person he ran into had held him with one arm and was already holding onto the briefcase he was carrying. He wore a suit like the two guys now directly behind him trailing the lady in the purple blouse and he definitely didn’t look friendly.

With two hands firmly gripping him on both sides he was led to the camry and nestled in between two men wearing suits and sun glasses. The lady in the blouse got into the passenger seat in front. They had allowed him hold onto the brief case….

…………………..*to be continued*…………………………

>The truth will not be blogged today

>Any time i set about filling this blank space with words, believe it or not I’m to a large extent filled with trepidation as to what would be the outcome…or is that it?

I always want to put up something new and fresh which is why i refuse to post anything if i still don’t feel inspired. Truth is over the past couple of weeks my life has been dour..some sort of a bore really if you look at it critically and i refuse to share with you those thoughts of mine i have when I’m in deep deliberation by myself (well until they’re well formed with conviction that is).

Truth is, all that has happened to me over the past few weeks are my business actually, and they’ll stay that way.

……i could have sworn i had something to write here……..

I’m probably not in the right frame of mind to write anything now, I’m tired, had a long ass day, was stuck in traffic & i saw her….

Seeing her today was… *again I’m not supposed to talk about that*….

Guys, I’m sure some of you are in love or aspire to be in love, some of you are probably married, with kids. On the other hand, some of you probably have had your own fair share of heart breaks and betrayals, lost a life partner or a mate.

But one thing makes it all the same, ‘LOVE’. In a short period of time, i have loved and i have lost, i have walked away from one of the most important & wonderful things to ever happen to me in all my years of existence and its taking me a while to get over this. A lot of you are probably trying to figure who or what I’m going on about, rather than do that, just read my words cause they’ll never come truer than this;Letting go is so freaking hard.

….that will be all for now…..

I’m probably not making sense cause i don’t want to, its my blog so i can do whatever i want with it.

I’ll end this with; Find love, be happy, get heart broken and never give up on love….


NB: This isn’t about Smiley.

>The Lack of Ideology & Cross carpetting

>If Nigeria was a growing child, albeit a 50 year old child, and politics was some sort of food with which she had to survive on amongst others, she’d probably have gotten fed up of being force fed.

Some of you find this introducing allusion pointless or puzzling right? Let me try and explain;
In 50 years of independence, Nigeria has known very little democracy and a lot of dictatorship / military rule… then again, you all know that. But in the little democracy we have managed to taste, there doesn’t seem to exist one true form of ideology.
The existing political establishments have no moral or ethical backbone to build their party on, instead what exists is the flexing of political muscle and the counter measure which results in the hurried composition of what is supposed to be the opposition but is actually composed of disgruntled political foes or aspirants who were left out in the cold.

The political taste in the Country’s mouth can’t even be described as bland owing to the lack of focus or goal. One leader just simply show’s up and presents a 7 -point agenda and that is simply what the party is to follow? What about sensitization; the re-orientation of the populace?
I repeat, a political party i believe should have an ideology, a mandate, a manifesto, an a given set of moral guidelines backed by the constitution of the Federation.

Alas these ingredients are amiss in majority of these parties. Most parties are set up for various reasons and the most common one being as i said, a hurried composition of disgruntled aspirants.

Hence the ease with which a politician can easily cross over from the PDP to ACN or APGA. its disgraceful, yet it isn’t as bad as when the same politician crosses back to his initial party of choice after contesting against that same party.

It is no longer news that Politics is more than a means for a man to serve his people, but unfortunately it is also a means of livelihood. That being said, it seems to explain a lot about why a politician will have no qualms with crossing over to the opposing party.

I know several laws have been proposed and some even drafted into the electoral bill which is being amended, but the political parties themselves don’t seem to be doing anything about the situation.

The Americans have the Republican and Democratic parties, the English have the Labor and Conservative as well as the Liberal Democrats, even the South Africans have the ANC and the Rainbow coalition. within these different countries where these political parties operate, they have their respective ideologies even if some of them can be seen as far left, far right or central.

Here in Nigeria I’ve come to believe we practice reactionary politics; the process where our politicians make foundational decisions based on actions and occurrences, this could be far fetched thinking but i have to say apart from the frustrated Pat Utomi, who else has presented a clear road map to lead Nigeria out of its currently hapless situation?

A little information for you guys; After BRIC; Brazil, Russia, India & China, Nigeria amongst other countries like Venezuela, Mexico, Iran, Malaysia & Bangladesh are touted as the next economies to explode due to increasing consumer demands. This is a positive forecast but there are fundamental problems that don’t make this forecast favorable to our situation.

An untrained work force and populace who lack buying power… so where will the consumer driven economic boom come from?
The sad but managing factor is that Government are the highest employers of labor.
Now i arrive at a polarizing point; are you in favor of a big government labor force or are you against? are you for free health care or are you against?
Not all the political parties have the same idea about how to jump start the economy, instead what pervades is the criticism of the ruling party any time the government presents a new policy.
If the opposition are serious about being what they really are then they should actually form a shadow government and let the people hear what they would do if they were in power. This shows a level of seriousness and in my opinion, is a key & inexpensive form of campaign.
Maybe this will happen one day, maybe it never will, but the sooner these political parties find a solid foundation, the better. Even the PDP is beginning to show signs of weakness at the wrong hour.

Remember folks, register to vote and protect your vote. The only way you can ask your leader to give an account for his stewardship is if you actually voted. don’t let your voice be muted.

>The New Baghdad

>……. The little girl just stood there, here eyes bore a mixture of confusion and fear, from her breathing you could tell she was out of tears, people who had bee watching here said she had gone round the market several times shouting the names of her mother and sister she had left at the very spot where she now stood. There she was covered in soothe. The very spot she had left her Mother and sister didn’t look like it was anymore, she had left a market place full of life, bubbling with merry makers and beer stalls. Now all she could see was burnt debris all over the place, some heaps still burning. The organized chaos of the market place had been replaced by a deathly hum, the smell of burnt flesh and plastic. Blackened and burnt wood were strewn in all directions, by the time relatives had come to take her away, her story had been heard by all the security operatives and emergency worker on site. She had been sent by her older sister to go fetch some more seasoning when it happened. As she walked back to the fish market she heard the explosion, unaware of what it was she kept on walking worried that if she didn’t get the seasoning back to her mother on time she’d be in trouble.
Now all that is unnecessary, who ever was going to eat the fish, her mother, her older sister, and many more people were no longer alive…….

The above is a fictional/ hypothetical situation of what could have happened at the Abacha Barracks last night at around 7:00PM.

I had the mind to write a follow up to my last post titled; “A day in Baghdad”, having already titled it “The New Baghdad”, I later stopped myself thinking it was too far fetched, then the recent explosions in Jos caused me to have a rethink.

In the early 2000s after American & British forces invaded Iraq, they never realized their biggest battle was not going to be the invasion itself. It turned out to be governing a state so divers in sect and tribe. The biggest mistake any one would make would be to judge the people of Iraq as principally Muslims, or divide them into Shiites and Sunnis. As it turned out there are as much divisions in Iraq as there are in Nigeria.
The American forces for several years, faced an uphill task, both in trying to battle insurgents and also trying to stop in fighting amongst the tribes/ factions and sects. Then the worst happened, public places began to be targeted; from ministry buildings to town markets, no where was safe.

Baghdad and Iraq as a whole had now become a war zone, with people afraid to venture out of their homes for fear of being caught in a suicide attack in what ever form. The terrorists had gained an upper hand in a lot of ways as the people of Iraq felt they preferred Saddam’s terror to the kind they were faced with since the invasion. It took the United States government Trillions of Dollars in tax payer’s money to equip the military and several years to eventually bring everyone to the table to negotiate a truce and come together to form a government.

The Nigerian situation doesn’t look similar to the Iraqi early years per say, but one thing that is beginning to look so familiar are the car bombings of October 1st,the New year’s eve incident & the Jos Bombings. No one has come out officially to claim the Jos and New year eve attacks, but they’ve driven home a message amongst the Nigerian people, the message of fear and terror, the message that says the Government and the leaders do not have the power to stop these attacks.

The heads of security boasted of how satisfactory things were, then they impressed us with the capture of arms and ammunition at the Apapa wharf claiming they were bound for the Gambia.
I for one wasn’t impressed.

Then The Jos fighting erupted again, now tell me if that wasn’t good reason to beef up security round the Country. Instead all we kept seeing on the news were Youth Forums and political dialogue. Maybe the bombings and fighting might be inter-connected no one can put a definite finger on that. But the Iraq play book looks like being reprized in our sub- Saharan surroundings. For all i care the necessary ingredients are available; militants, factions, diverse and distrusting tribes and religions, marginalized communities with access to arms and ammunition and a very unreliable and corrupt security apparatus.

I am unrepentant about painting a very dark and pale picture and trust me this is not the kind of post i had planned on posting on the first day of the year, but if calling a spade a spade is what it takes for word to get out there and for people to start thinking about the gravity of the situation we are in, then fine I’ll choose to be the messenger that could get shot (figure of speech please).

Our leaders i fear have forgotten what ruling a nation is all about and have replaced the ideology with self- interest and egotistical hooliganism.
Each bomb blast i hear about brings the thoughts of Baghdad closer to mind.. I earnestly pray the situation does not get worse than it already is.

….If that little girl actually existed, her loss should not be allowed to go in vain… then again, little boys and girls who have experienced such things already exist in Jos, in Abuja and in the Niger Delta…. Stopping this unnecessary bloodshed is what we owe them. Terror is an act we all must fight against, we as a people must ask our leaders to be accountable for such lapses in security.

The year 2011 is an election year, our right to vote is one of our many weapons we can utilize now. Please register to vote… fear, distrust and Terrorism must not enslave us….. Nigeria shall not become a new Baghdad.