Month: February 2011


>……………*ONE NIGHT*………………………..

………CHAPTER 2………………………

Justice couldn’t understand what was going on, he had taken the case from the man’s study as instructed and had given it the the young stranger in the restaurant who’s name was Dubem. He couldn’t understand any of it. She simply told him all he had to do was follow her instructions. Now here he was, totally clueless and regretful. He had several ungentlemanly words to throw at her the next time they would meet.

That wouldn’t have to take so long since 9:00PM was fast approaching, the difficult part was getting into the room without being apprehended by his Father’s many security details hanging around the hotel premises.

Justice had many reasons to regret following her instructions but she had come to him with a valid argument; they had a common enemy and he had to be dealt with.
She was his father’s mistress and he somewhat loathed what she was but the chance to exact revenge on every single pain the man had caused him was too enticing to ignore.
In his books, forgiveness was not an option for his Father.

Apparently she had become a slave to the man she had initially thought would take care of all her needs. she had calculated wrongly, her naivety now apparent. Those days she had no job and had concluded tossing her moral obligations out the window of reason. That was when she met his father.

Justice couldn’t still see any clear excuse despite everything she put up as her reason for becoming his father’s mistress; was it the sick mother in Lagos or the need to keep up a lifestyle she had grown accustomed to while being a marketer for a top bank that had recently cut down its staff strength?

All Justice could see was a woman who was an opportunist and an increasingly useful one at that.

Now she either didn’t think things through or he had agreed to go into this plan with out coming up with an exit strategy.

The ring of his phone jolted him out of his deep thoughts. It was her, and she didn’t seem to be doing better than he was. Her voice was laced with tension; “you fool! you took the wrong suitcase!!!”