Month: May 2011

A Wrong Combination

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been confronted with an unpleasant reality. One that has me considering strongly the kind of relationships I develop with the opposite sex. Its not so much of a unique situation, but it is one a lot of young adults my age eventually have to confront. Think about the short story you’re about to read…. You might not be in the same situation, but trust me, there’s someone you know who is….

He sat at the restaurant staring out the window, waiting for her to come, something inside told him she wouldn’t. He hoped it was just the negativity in him echoing.

They had come this far and he wasn’t willing to throw it all away after 3 years.

He didn’t want to believe the two of them having the AS blood type was enough to keep them apart.
Truth be told he had an idea of the reality of the situation; his mum who had passed away 7 years ago had the SS blood type, he and his two other siblings were all AS but no one really talked to them about it. In fact it was never discussed within the family. He had lived his life like every normal kid would.

Then he met her, vibrant, beautiful, intelligent and most of the things he wanted in a woman. She had been difficult to woo initially but as time passed they were inseparable.

Their relationship wasn’t extraordinary but it was honest, emotional and they saw a future with each other. Their friends made them a reference point and there was definitely envy and jealousy. They had their sad moments, trying ones but they survived.

Everything changed one morning, over breakfast. As one of the requirements for her new job she had to undergo a medical examination so her blood sample was taken a few days before. They were sitting in his apartment having breakfast that morning when she asked him what his blood type was. Once he answered her there was a sudden change in her demeanour.

When he asked her what was wrong she looked at him with the saddest eyes he had ever seen. She got up so abruptly and ran into the bedroom. Minutes later she was all dressed up, leaving so hurriedly she barely told him good bye.

He didn’t hear from her for a week, she refused to answer his calls and when he went over to her house, members of her family seemed unwilling to let him see her.

At the end of the week she had sent him a message; “meet me at Barney’s for lunch, we need to talk” .

It came as a surprise, why Barney’s?
She hated the place, felt their kidney sauce was over priced and the desert servings could have been better. Considering the situation, he couldn’t complain.

So there he was, sitting there, waiting for her. It had been over an hour since he got to Barney’s and there was still no sign of her. He soon found himself ordering some desert to pass the time which reminded him of her.

As he stared down at the small bowl of ice cream he was picking at he gave out an audible sigh then looked up.

There she was, walking into Barney’s. She didn’t look better than he did.

As soon as she sat down he had over a hundred questions almost spilling out of his mouth the he wanted answers to.

She cut him off before he could start. “I’m going to make this as brief as possible because you know I hate this place. I’m breaking up with you”

His mind was blank, nothing had prepared him for this. What did he do? Didn’t he seem serious enough? Had her parents chosen someone else over him?

The only thing he could mutter was; “why?”

Her eyes were getting teary and she was afraid she was going to cause a scene. “We can’t be together anymore cause our blood types won’t allow it, we’re both AS dear…”

He didn’t know what to say, but now memories of his mum came flooding back, repressed emotions.
“We can’t throw 3 years away just like that…” even as he uttered those words he knew there was no use arguing.

“I’ve spent the past week talking to my parents and doing research, the chances of us giving birth to children with out the SS blood type are slim. The only other option is through a medical procedure that goes against my religious and ethical beliefs…” She obviously had done extensive research and pour out every thing she knew.

He sat there listening with a heavy heart knowing there was nothing he could do, for a woman he knew had always looked forward to having her own kids the option of adoption was out of it.

“So that’s it?” He said this hoping some answer hung somewhere in the air between them that he could pluck at.

“I’m sorry dear, but the sooner the better, I don’t know what its going to be like from now on, but I know we have to move on some how.” Her voice had begun to crack and in a rush she stood up and said a tearful goodbye. It was either that or causing a scene in her most loathed restaurant.
He watched her walk out of his life and he knew there was nothing he could do.

So there you have it folks…a purely fictional story but one I hope you all can relate to.


Times Like these

Any time i want to put up a post i begin by playing a song in my head or by some freak of nature, a song that inspires just comes on.
Well right now its Foo Fighter’s ‘Times like these’ ….gosh i miss that band.
Today isn’t the best day for me, trying to seal a deal or something but I’m not.

I remember my old laptop…its gone now, borrowed an old flame and she disappeared along with it. It’s now i appreciate the term ‘always back up your files’ . I had so much written material in that thing that could have gotten me a couple of published books or so. But ‘i get am before no be property’ abi so it’s on to the next one.

I thought i would go back to my writing roots. The very reason i believe made me always want to write; poetry.
I can’t claim to have a great knowledge of poetry, i can’t claim to be good at it. All i know is words fill me and in short bursts i want to let them out.
I hurt someone recently and it has sort of engulfed me. The guilt is ever so present and each time i close my eyes i see her face looking at me, in disbelief. I had no choice. It’s hard to believe that previous statement but in my honest opinion its the truth.
I decided to get it all out. To free up all the guilt a little bit. Some of you might judge me, some might relate. It’s all good, as long as you appreciate.


sprawled across the bed,
my heart lies next to me,
not her,

i say ‘it’, i say,
‘it no longer beats like before,
it lies there frozen and cold,

i see it but no one does,
it’s an artful liar,
camouflaged in warmth,

now its latest victim leaves,
she’s shrouded in grief,
the signs were there yet hidden,

i lie there in relief,
maybe all is not lost,
true guilt it beats,

it is not pity that cures,
it might be guilt,
thawing the ice,

shall i force it,
or shall i be patient,
time bites at my side,

this curse of ice,
prison of winter be gone,
lord light a fire,

At world’s End???

For some reason, of all the 3 parts of Pirates Of The Caribbean so far released, its the the one with the title i have used as the title of my Post that i found most entertaining. And i really have memorable scenes that flash across in my mind the moment i start thinking about the movie. Well, the fourth installment hits cinemas in a matter of days, its named ‘On stranger tides’.

Its the month of may and i’m trying to imagine someone, slightly naive, slightly ignorant and a few days ago he/she stumbles on the piece of news; ‘World ends on the 21st of May’.
This individual gets excited, tinged with a trace of trepidation.

Checking the news on TV and websites all he/she sees are signs; in his/her eyes the tornadoes in Alabama, the flooding in South America and the Earth quakes in japan and New Zealand confirm that the signs have already manifested. To make matters worse, uprisings across the middle east from Libya to Yemen make him/her fear that the evidence is overwhelming.

He/she is scared out of his/her wits. The individual starts to reflect on a life of sin and indulgence; the first meat stolen from the pot, cheating in the test, smoking a stick from Grandma’s mat, throwing fire crackers into the church on new year’s day etc, obviously the sins seem to get bigger as the individual gets older.

Now here is this preacher with a congregation claiming to know that the world ends on the 21st of May 2011.
The individual thinks aloud; “what happened to 2012???”

The next few days are spent judiciously attending church services and learning more about one’s spirituality.
The individual obviously rededicates his/her life to the lord and feels completely ready for the second coming or the final days of the world.

Now it would be most probable that this individual seems ready for the end of the world if he/she completely believes what has been widely reported. Then again, this individual still keeps a job, hangs out with friends, sees their boyfriend/ girlfriend, probably still has sex. All this while waiting for the 21st of may.

I’m not trying to be judgmental but in my own opinion, if any one really believes in the world coming to an end on this appointed date, i seriously would prefer some enthusiasm.
Not the dismissive wave of the hand I’ve been observing.

Sell your car, your cloths, resign from your job and head for the highest hill in your surrounding.


This post is not meant to be sarcastic.


*Pink’s ‘Raise your Glasses* playing in the back ground….

this song has no connection what so ever with this post.

This post has no definite subject, definite premise or directional theme, its just the ramblings of an extremely idle adult.

Don’t you just wish you were young again? days of ignorance when you had nothing to worry about that was of significance? When a matter of life and death was simply whether to have rice cripsies or weather bix or the little girl who breaks out into fits and sobs simply cause her ribbons are green and not pink. Wow!

Now its a different ball game entirely…now we’re talking about getting a job, getting married and starting a family. Some of us go even further, starting up businesses and being in control of the destinies of several people who you actually have to manage or pastor or lead (yes leadership roles are not meant for everyone).


*Still Blank*

My current fascination is the weekend, expecting it and never being satisfied with the mere two days it affords. i read a short from a Richard Branson Interview where he said he’d love to make the week comprised of 4 working days and 3 day weekends if he were ever to become Prime Minister. Now that’s a good reason to vote someone into power.
What happens if a businessman actually takes the lead in this regard and sees his business and employees improve output and services. Is it enough for others to follow suit or we’re just not willing to change from historic tradition. I wonder if they’d have to change the names of the final two days of the working week.

Remember, i’m just being random here so don’t think i’m getting you lost.

Is it possible for an entity and not a person to receive a Noble Prize. I’m just saying, and i’d love you guys to hear me out on this, but the Phenomenon that is Facebook is almost due for one form of recognition by now due to its constant role in radical change and the ease it has afforded groups, organizations to reach out to a broad section of society with their messages. The Middle east is a key example where the effects are most profound. sweeping changes in Tunisia and Egypt as well as the continued protests in Yemen and Syria has shown the effect of Facebook in civil mobilization. I personally feel the social media entity is due for recognition. This is just my opinion and i don’t necessarily men a Noble Prize.

*track changes to all of the lights’ by Kanye west*

And what’s all this screaming about Chris Hemsworths turn in the movie ‘Thor’ , women, in 2010 it was Taylor Lauthner, now its poor old Chris. And we guys aren’t allowed to comment on Scarlett Jo or Jessica Biel ??? talk about double standards.

*now watching Stealth while track changes to ‘Fade to Black’*

later peeps. …

We’ve had about a couple of Mother’s Day/Mothering Sundays to celebrate this year and a lot of us have taken the opportunity to express/reconnect/appreciate mothers. In our own special way we all hold our mothers dear. Strong women who carried us in their bellys for 9months and brought us into the world. The bond is most times unexplainable and unique.
Unfortunately, over the past few weeks I’ve watched 3 people I either know or are well known lose their dear mothers. Its a helpless heartbreaking situation honestly.
Dealing with such a loss would most likely be an herculian task no doubt. Many thoughts run through your mind, scenes you’ve envisioned of sharing with her like her being at your wedding, holding your first child, her big 60th and 70th birthday bash that you’ve already started planning have become mere fantasies. Its a hard place to be, some never recover, others who do would probably never be the same again. Yet for most of us its reality.

Which is why I always insist, never hold all that positive feeling inside. Express the way you feel to the one you love, in this instance; Mummy/Mama/Mum …which ever one you choose to call her. Its the 8th of May 2011 and if my Mum was still here, I’d be wishing her a Happy birthday and Happy Mother’s day too.
So the reality here is this, let’s be there for our friends who have lost the special ones in their lives. And for those who still have the blessing to wake up to see our loved ones still around us, let’s make every day worth celebrating with them.

My heart goes out to Sanmi, Eniola and Ice prince. God is still with you may he Give you the strenght to bear and understand your loss. We all Love you.


>A Guide to Clubbing for Geeks (I think)…

>Define Geek? The definition of the word is;

A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept.

These are undoubtedly our heroes. The men who discard social gatherings and common forms of indulgence to churn out new inventions and innovations that makes your social lives even much better. Picture Mark Zuckerberg in Harvard, he never got into any of the clubs or Frat houses. Now his invention helps the guys in these clubs/Fraternities enhance their range of social acceptance.

Anyone who’s an ardent watcher of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ should try and picture those guys in a club scene. They’d be totally helpless, out of sync and rhythm with the crowd and music. You’d be bumping to the BEP’s ‘boom boom boom’ in a very cool way but their poor brain/body coordination would probably make them move twice as fast.

It would look almost helpless but i think i figured something out that could help them a bit. I don’t intend to give them a fraction of a typical social life, this piece more appropriately is directed at you, if one unfortunate day you end up hanging out with your geeky cousin or brother and have no idea how to introduce them to the club scene, you can pull this up and read through, hopefully it’ll work.

Step 1: the gate: If you’re a regular at a particular club then you’ll know what the dress code is like. So its best you help him pick out his outfit. This shouldn’t be a hard thing to do since most of the fashion world has hijacked the ‘geek look’. He’ll probably have a pair of glasses and suspenders which could be incorporated into any outfit he plans to don.

Step2: drinks: Make sure you ask him about his drinking habits, if he’s not into drinking, you better not give him any, but if he does, make sure he’s well within his limits through out the whole night. then keep him hydrated which ever way.

Step3: The girls: (hopefully he’s straight): I suggest you ask him to be honest with you if he’s ever made any contact with the opposite sex. This is likely the most important part. If his only form of interaction with Women has been through strictly playing GOD OF WAR and regular doses of PLAYBOY then its best you advise him to stick by one rule; ‘Shut it’ otherwise, if he’s in any way good looking then his vocabulary for the night should not exceed words such as make-up and underwear.

Step4: accessories: make sure his accessories do not include a laptop/ipad, soldering machine, frequency jammers & computer printouts he intends to study.

Step5: conduct: He should be reminded that he’s not allowed to conduct surveys, opinion polls and that the people around him in the club are not guinea pigs or human testing subjects.

Step6: Dancing: The surest thing to do in the likelihood he wants to ‘shake a tail feather’is to make sure he restricts himself to the 1-2 step, no harlem shakes, no dougie, no jerking..nothing.

If you can abide by these 6 simple steps through the night. Things might not turn out so bad after all.