Month: November 2011

A Drunkard’s Tale.

Today is not a regular day. in fact it doesn’t feel like a day i’d usually put up a post.

I don’t know quite honestly…maybe its the timing i suspect.
But i’m unusually inspired to do something i haven’t done in a long time. I’m not sure how its going to turn out but I’m excited by what the end product is going to be. you can call it ramblings or random poetry if you like, me, i’m just going to let it flow…….

the bottle stands on the table before me,
half empty, half full.
it has become imperative that only i know of its demise,
i must prove to it that it wields no power over me.

‘Jack Daniels’ sits there,
laughing at me scornfully,
imitating still art,
awaiting my fall from grace.

my liver cries in despair,
for it is doused in liquor,
the poisons flow through it unabated,
“why master! why the burning pain?”

the wallet rests in the comfort and warmth of my pocket,
flat and empty,
devoid of cash or debit card,
it sings a broke man’s tune tonight.