Month: December 2011

The Movie: Wrath of The Titans

As I sat there watching the trailer, all I could say was ‘SHIT!!!’

I settled down in front of my system and decided to check my usual websites. Being an upcoming movie fanatic (I most likely don’t go out of my way to see the movies when they do come out) I was surprised to see the ‘Wrath of The Titans’ trailer already up, then I realized the release date was slated for March and we were already in December.


7 minutes later and I had already watched the thing twice. Followers of my blog would know by now that I have a suspended series called ‘Olympus Series’, its also based around Greek mythology and its about several of the dieties to be featured in this movie. I have to confess I was impressed with the little I saw.

After watching Clash of The Titans and being a fan of the original movie I was pessimistic about how well Hollywood was going to handle a sequel. Well, I have to say that this might actually trump the Louis Leterrier remake of 2010.

The movie takes a familiar path threaded already by the recent release titled ‘IMMORTALS’ but instead, banks on the credibility of continuity established in the previous Clash movie.

I don’t want to seem like I’m already giving it a 2 thumbs up without seeing it but its undenialble that the scope is impressive enough to wet ones appetite, The movie actually looks like something genuinely worth anticipating.

What gives me a bit of assurance is the director’s previous work; ‘Battle: Los- Angeles’. That movie to me was impressive by a lot of standards.
Johnathan Liebsman made a movie in a genre already saturated with way more don’ts than dos and despite the mild panning it got from critics I still believe it showed a rare ability on the part of the Director’s vision and I think ‘Wrath of The Titans’ is going to prove that.

There’s also the impressive acting talent on show, ranging from the lovable Bill Nighy to Edgar Ramirez, Rosamund Pike, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson and Sam Worthington who returns as the protagonist, Perseus.

The effects look amazing and the battle scenes truly qualify to be tagged as ‘Epic’.

I suspect the Producers learned a valuable lesson in the previous movie and went for shooting the movie in 3D rather than the post production 3D conversion they did and it looks pretty good (not like I’m hoping to see the movie in 3D in Nigeria). 

I just hope they give the characters more depth and make the story line really meld with all the action rather than making it a by product of all the big set pieces and action scenes. Then again, I might just have been sold a well tailored piece of trash trailer to make me fork out ten bucks.

I still remain positive.

Now I know my ‘Olympus Series’ is definitely a far more different take on Greek mythology compared to the direction ‘Wrath’ is going.

I just hope you folks like both stories.

See you guys next post.







The First Line…..

There is no perfect way to introduce a blog post or write-up, no matter how good the writer is, the first line just never gets to me, it’s not for lack of skill, it’s just me.

I have that insatiable hunger to find the perfect first line. Funny thing is it’s the opposite for me in movies. Almost all the movies I’ve seen barely have the perfect ending, they never give me that ‘case closed’ feeling when I’m leaving the theater or taking the DVD out of the player or simply closing that stream site (what?! he without bit torrent should cast the first stone).

I always ask myself what I would rather change (I’ve written something similar to this; ‘flipping the script’) but at the end of the day I always respect the creator’s work, its his own interpretation. Not like it changes anything about my dissatisfaction.

Writing that first line matters

So here I am, looking at the first line of this post thinking to myself how weak it is. I’ve been thinking about this issue for days and the answer still eludes me. How can some one start a post so strongly, it captivates the reader with more than mere curiosity?
I’m sure there are those handful of writers who have it all figured out.

All they probably have to do is wave a hand over their keyboards and the magical words appear, like; ‘Kim Kardashian’ or ‘Lady Gaga’. Yes, most of such writers definitely have their checks signed by TMZ or the now Defunct ‘News of The World’.

To the rare few who succeed in putting up a first line without resorting to such gimmicks and yet enchant any would be reader with your magic of words, you have my utmost respect and a Private eye on your back because I swear to you I must get that magic potion.

have no problems with a first line at all..

This is how serious I take first lines. Only few of them have been able to draw me in, yet I fear it is not as if the words are used differently. It’s hard to explain you see, I find myself drawn deeper into the prose after the first full stop because the preceding words have that….X factor (sit down Simon, this has nothing to do with you).

The worst first lines are found on the back pages of Nigerian news papers (front pages don’t even qualify in the running).
I’m now completely reliant on bare curiosity to read those columns nowadays, gone are the days when the first words would contain a word like ‘Abacha’ , ‘Obasanjo’ or ‘Oputa’ ……(oh, these also fall under those TMZ drag queens).

I guess my search continues.

By the way I’m off Twitter for the foreseeable future, has to do with trying to reconnect with reality (that’s what the voices in my head are saying sha)…

Deuces guys.

A Fridge pilgrimage

I dislike standing in front of a fridge, a fridge that has nothing for me…no quick fixes or tempting propositions. It almost saddens me. Standing there, door ajar in my hands and yet nothing.

Yet I find myself doing it at least 4 to 5 times a day. I never get tired of it.
Then sometimes I realise the reason for my constant disappointment; I never put anything in the fridge in the first place. Who ever put something there has either taken it or has left a significant mark on it I’d be dumb, blind and retarded to ignore such a sign and pick it up.

But it still doesn’t change things to a certain degree. There’s that quiet hope that one of those 4 to 5 times you open that door, you might find something slated for general consumption.

Wish everything was 'For General Cosumption' .

Not that pack of shrimp that you’re allergic to, or the frozen tomatoes that aren’t stand alone consumption items.

Sometimes you’ll wish you came across that bowl of blue bunny you are a 100% sure no one can lay claim to or the aluminium foil wrap indicating a sizable amount of Yahuza suya enclosed within.

Those are the things that spur me on to keep on opening that door. Those general items are my beacons of hope. A sign that the rest of my co- inhabitants have not entirely lost their souls to this slaving world. That they still care.

As I talk to you all right now, my steps guide me towards the kitchen. I walk with faith. Hoping above all hopes that something is there…..

I’m sure a few people saw the disappointment in my eyes last night after dinner, as I pretended to check the fridge for water.
They obviously knew I could as well have gone to the dispenser. Yes, my search was for some well made dessert. I never found any. Going off to bed with a heavy heart devoid of the joys of cake.

My journey to the fridge has not been in vain this time!
As I sit at the kitchen table, cajoled by a good helping of my prized find, I bless he/she who has made this possible. Saving me from another couple hours of emptiness.

These are one of the many moments I live for, I hope you all can also relate.
Now leave me to my delicious cake.

I’m sure you all make that trip and find yours too.


Due Diligence

If i try starting this post with 21 reasons why I haven’t put up a post in a while I might as well just go back 1 and a half months ago and to one of my previous posts, do a quick copy and paste. Typing this piece now, my head is buzzing. Probably had more than my fair share of Jack Daniels last night.
Its been a while yeah, but my thoughts are never far away from prose…stringing words together is purely second nature to me, almost every 30 secs i find myself mentally constructing stories, words, poetry and diatribes out of thin air, only inspired by a thought. If there was only a way to connect my brain to a WiFi router that had an obscurely written program meant for Ms word or WordPress, I’ll probably be up for a Hugo award by now, but no. Who dash me?! For now I’ll settle for moments of spontaneity like this one, where I involuntarily find myself in front of a computer screen, typing away without fear of censorship.
To the 1% who are opportuned to read this, I’m sure you have no qualms with my inconsistency or incoherence if you have, mail me your generator and a 12 month income and you’ll be guaranteed all the posts you desire.
Just finished another round of discussions of the time, date and the who I’m going to marry. *phew* crossing that picket line is going to be a while to be honest.

I'm getting you

It’s like an obsession, no one seems to dwell too much on world hunger or global peace any more, all I hear now is ‘Marriage’. It’s a sign of the times I’m sure, if I was probably 6 years younger in 2011 maybe I would be more concerned with doing the jerk and buying a X-Box. Well, everyone’s doing it, not like I’m looking forward to it. Wonder why there’s no union/arrangement like ‘Friends With Benefits till Thy Kingdom come’…I’d do well in that sorta arrangement.

Well, most of what I really wanted to say might just end up on twitter or worse still be conceived and die a premature death in the catacombs of my mind.

I think I should buy a tape recorder for this. Later guys…