Month: July 2012

Ares Ponders (Olympus series draft)

He sat at a high vantage point, pugged face, observing the battle. He clearly wasn’t enjoying much of it. The blood shed he craved had adopted a more cautious flow.

Both sides were unevenly matched and there was hardly any worthy warrior he could look upon, who he felt matched anything near his thirst for blood. They were all afraid. Crouched behind high walls, concealing their faces behind vision scopes and sand bag reinforcements. This was not the way Ares wanted wars to be fought.

He was losing body counts to the gods and deities who oversaw pestilence, disease and famine. A laughing stock he had become.
He longed for the days of sword and spear, of shields and gauntlets.
Not one of the sides he currently observed worshiped him as a matter of fact. A truly forgotten god he was.
His rage burned at the realization of his limited significance.
In place of kings, men had chosen whimps and cowering liars as their leaders. None who could hold on to power long enough or dream big enough of conquest and victory.

For a moment his thoughts went to Troy. The long war. Fought for over 14 years, it seemed eternities ago. A time that saw him at his greatest, as men, demi gods and heroes fell by the sword. Not entirely of his doing


ON REPEAT : Fun ‘we are young’ ft. Janelle Monea

Yes, I’ve come with my bad habit again, abandoning the blog for too long. Well this time it’s much more worth it than previous occurrences. A lot has been happening and since this blog isn’t that much of a personal thing any longer, I’ll refrain from sharing all the unnecessary stories.
Instead, I’ll just get right to it.

I’ve been struggling with the content direction for this blog for a while now (well, except for the IT STARTS WITH YOU category) and in a bid to get a clearer view, I’ve been posing questions to some of my readers and critics. It just so happened that while I was out of town last week I met @TheLemonOreo (very cute chick). Luckily for me she reads my blog and to make it even better, she has a blog of her own; you can check it out here: – .

To be honest, I found myself feeling nostalgic reading her blog. The posts took me back to my early blogging days, when it was more about simply writing with a fiery passion. There was a lot of soul in it and I admired that. It still made me realize how far I had come and how much I still had to learn. It gave me a clearer view of my own journey so far and I had to accept that I had changed. Then I saw a post that made something click, it was a piece about one of her favorite songs (Paramore’s ‘The only exception’), one that was always on repeat in her head and it turns out the same thing happens to me as well, so I decided to steal her concept shamelessly and work with it  .

Fun’s ‘We are young’ ft. Janelle Monae.

I’m not one to say I’m a music aficionado but to some extent I consider myself eclectic. My phone playlist is filled with Rap/ Hip hop music, my desktop is another genre all together (rock, alternative rock, house, a bit of jazz and some pop). I’m still worried about getting an iPod cause that might be where I’ll live for the rest of my life if that were to happen.
Then in the midst of all this, you can still find me listening to old traditional music and boy have I heard and enjoyed more than a few. There was a day back in school my house mates thought I had lost the plot when they found me enjoying traditional Gwari music (no weed was harmed or burned in this episode of my life I guarantee you).

But I deviate.

For me, Fun’s ‘we are young’ despite being an alternative pop record strikes a chord with my essence. A song that talks about one night of attempts at mending a broken heart and inebriation would sound immature to some of my peers but it’s not the case with me. I find the lyrics resonating, speaking to me about fragments of memories of my youth (I’m still a youth sha), moments that in a lot of ways defined what my naivety was all about.

In my interpretation, the song plays on a chance meeting between 2 lovers whose relationship, having suffered some strain and abuse of trust is trying to be on the mend. One of the factors surrounding this meeting is the singer (guy presumably) is out on the town with his friends and he meets his lover at a bar/ lounge, thus begins his narration.

He speaks of hurting his lover and he observes she’s being chatted up by someone who really sees that she’s hurting. It is never really indicated if it’s a physical scar he speaks of or an emotional one. One thing rings true throughout the song though, and that is he wants to take her home, particularly when she’s drunk and unable to walk without support.
He goes on to speak of the possibility that she might have found someone else she’s also considering to be her lover, or maybe it’s the way she’s entertained the guy chatting her up in the lounge that has him feeling insecure, and for a moment he reveals his insecurity by wondering maybe their relationship could actually end without either of them hurting again. He soon dispels or conceals all this by the time his friends return from the bathroom to rejoin them (the reason for their absence has indications of drug use if the first few lines of the song is to be taken into consideration) as he raises a toast because he wants to reassure himself he’s going home with his lover. It seems like some form of self reassurance because instead of saying he’ll carry her home, he’s talking of having found someone to carry him home tonight.

At the end of it all, there is a strong indication that our friend, despite his intoxication is needy, looking for assurance, he talks of an uncertain (and largely negative) end, confirming his insecurity.

The song oozes youth, a stage in our lives we naturally begin to learn about the complexities of life.

I don’t know about you guys but it speaks to me about those early days. It’s not so serious so I usually find myself listening with an embarrassed smile on my face or a slight grin. I’ll soon grow tired of it I’m sure, but till then I’ll still enjoy it.

Here are the lyrics in case you want to see for yourself.

Give me a second, I
I need to get my story straight
My friends are in the bathroom
getting higher than the Empire state
My lover she is waiting for me
just across the bar
My seat’s been taken by some sunglasses
asking about her scar, and
I know I gave it to you months ago
I know you’re still trying to forget
but between the drinks and subtle things
the holes in my apologies,
you know I’m trying to take it back
so if by the time the bar closes and you feel like falling down
I’ll carry you home

we are young
so let’s set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun

now I know that I’m not
all that you got
I guess that, I just thought
maybe we could find new ways to fall apart
but our friends are back
so let’s raise a toast
because I’ve found someone to carry
me home
We are young, so let’s set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun
we are young
so let’s set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun

Carry me home tonight
just carry me home tonight
carry me home tonight
just carry me home tonight

the moon is on the fly
I have no reason to run
so will someone come and carry me home
The end is never right
but I can hear the cry
so will someone come and carry me home

we are young
so let’s set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun

so if by the time the bar closes
and you feel like falling down
I’ll carry you home

You want to Make a Justice League Movie???

I haven’t been too impressed with Hollywood over the years, largely due to the growing laziness in terms of creativity and an outright over reliance on the snazzy and flashy in order to sell a movie.
Movie executives (never had love for most of them) have begun to put more pressure on directors and script writers to churn out generic movies that have audiences around the world either watching the same old thing repeatedly over the years, but with a slight change in one or two basics; be it, setting, tone or a switch in gender focus.
Now , I’m not here to dwell on the broad issue of a dwindling presence of originality, rather, I’d like to take this opportunity to sound out some sort of warning to the hopeful executives over at Warner Bros. who feel it is their God given right to green light a Justice League movie simply because Disney’s/Marvel’s Avengers has been a runaway success. If that is their intention despite all good intentions and purposes, my warning is this; Press the brakes. Hold up. Take a chill pill and relax.
There is no need to rush things at all. Making a Justice League movie just because it would be a good idea to cash in on the love for ensemble superhero movies is plain wrong. You need the right ingredients first of all and considering what’s on ground now, Warner Bros. aren’t ready.
Take into consideration Green lantern’s performance last year. Not only was it a box office stag, but the movie itself sucked to be honest. Then consider the successful Batman Trilogy that’s about to wrap up. Its widely known that Christian Bale will not do another movie without Chris Nolan, so apart from out rightly giving Nolan a blank cheque, I don’t know any other way he’s going to be aboard for a huge ensemble movie, despite the fact that he’s capable of holding such a big movie together as we have seen him do in his previous works. My suspicion is Nolan will focus on a few smaller projects for the foreseeable future before he ever considers tackling something bigger on the TDK scale again.
One thing that could have worked for WB was the George Miller motion capture movie which got cancelled partly due to the writers’ strike at the time. Such an interpretation would have been a considerable hit, probably not as big as a live action superhero ensemble move, but it would have created a basis for other planned interpretations.
In 2012, WB have asked Will Beal (R.I.P.D write) to ready a script and if my calculations are correct, the story line will not likely be tied in to plots from the soon to be released The Dark Knight Rises or next year’s upcoming Man of Steel.
This alone presents a problem if WB has intentions of releasing Justice League in a couple of years. Creating a connection between the individual characters that make up the team while developing a plot within the back stories of the stand alone films is essential.
Lord only knows how well the proposed wonder woman and Flash movies will do, or WB will simply hinge the Justice League movie on the back of just the Dark Knight and Superman character while making other heroes minor characters ( bad idea I’ll say).