Month: November 2012

Nothing Really.

Honestly, Nothing, Really. Look.

You ever get that feeling when you know its important you write something but nothing seems forthcoming? Its not actual writer’s block, it more of an inability to figure out what topic or what genre of fiction it is you would like to tackle or write about at that particular time.

Funny thing is I probably came up with a handful of ideas over the previous week without actually penning any single one of them down.

arghh… no excuses right? I almost forgot, reason why I go around with 3 different note books (one for my business ideas, one for work and the last one for my personal thoughts). A few weeks ago I finally summoned the courage to go over the words I had written in my personal journal, apart from a disturbing overlying propensity to be self critical and prone to procrastination  there was really nothing surprising about it. Means I’m fine right? *shrug*……

I’m self  absorbed to a disturbing degree I know, I’m trying so hard to stop; see, here I am focusing mainly on myself in this particular post. pfffftt…..

Well, to be honest, I really haven’t come up with something so profound to blog about. I usually achieve that when my mind wonders, momentarily touching on a topic then taking flight almost immediately. The process is almost like pollination, as if my mind is a wide open field full of flowers sprouting and dying almost at the same time , but lately its been more involved in focused thoughts, which I’m still trying to get used to.

You see (if you’re interested), my job requires me to virtually come up with ideas almost endlessly. Its only natural I find myself thinking of only a limited number of things as a by-product.

Guess that’s all for today.

But before  I go, I have to confess; being a bachelor is not beans, especially when you can’t actually cook.

Need help with cooking classes ASAP.

How have you guys been?

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Nigeria, Obama and the future.

6:10 AM in the morning and I rollover to the edge of my bed to grab my phone which doubles as my alarm clock. As soon as I slide my thumb over the dismiss prompt it immediately goes to the menu prompt and habitually, I find myself on my status update list. Its ridiculous, folks are already putting up “congratulations Obama” and changing their display pictures to a picture of the re-elected president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. At that point I felt a ting of irritation.

Getting out of bed and doing my usual morning routine, I got sidetracked  when I picked up my phone one more time as I made my way across the room, I switched to Twitter and the irritation went from code ‘ting’ to ‘utterly’.

Barack Obama

Nigerians had elected an American President or why else would they be putting up congratulatory messages all over the place.

But in actual fact it does make a little sense for us to show some interest in the whole unfolding drama that is the 2012 American election. In a lot of ways, we are inexplicably connected to the Americans through the way we view and observe the western community and a lot of us look forward to finding a deeper connection beyond being able to identify personalities and events via the available diverse forms of media. So it would be only natural that the First Black President of the United States of America will draw such interests from these parts.

Beyond that, the real questions have not been asked; What does another 4 years of Obama mean for Us as a nation?

Well, from the little I know it’s not all smiles and cheers in the long-term sense. Do we know this? not sure a lot of us sending congratulatory messages on Facebook and twitter really do.

First and foremost, in the Economic sense, Obama’s policy stands to hurt us in the long-term, with his vision of American Energy independence from ‘Oil Cartels’. Obama’s administration will go full steam ahead in their attempts to create sustainable, environmentally friendly sources of Energy which will eventually see them rely less and less on foreign imports. Nigeria sits at a lowly 6th in the list of suppliers to the United states and stands to lose financially if these alternatives kick in (that is if our own reserves do not exhaust themselves before then). An alternative for us is to look to another world Super power in the shape of China who seem not to have bought entirely into the whole green house emission claims and is continuously increasing their demands for Oil imports to satisfy their huge population and growing ranks.

In terms of Foreign policy, Obama’s cautious approach in dealing with ally nations as well as perceived hostile regimes does not bode well for us if we hope to seek assistance from the USA in fighting the Boko Haram insurgents. Over the past 3 years, the US mission in Nigeria has primarily restricted itself to simply sounding out warnings to its Citizens of impending attacks in and around populated areas. It is still not too clear if the Nigerian security apparatus obtains some form of technical assistance from the US, but all evidence points to a somewhat frosty relationship between the 2 in that regard.

So I’d rather we reduce the back slapping and solidarity messages to our brothers in the home of the braves. We might be getting the short end of the stick  regarding this historic victory by Barack Obama.

Sorry if I spoiled your party.