Month: January 2013

Not to be left behind

Ok, for a change I’m doing this because everyone else is. I personally don’t drop a post if I’m not feeling it or if something congent hasn’t formed in my subconscious but right now its just taking too long for whatever it is to come together in my thick skull.

First off I’ll like to wish you all a Happy New year and pray you all have a wonderful and fun filled year ahead. Hope the holidays were restful and jolly like mine was? I can’t lie I had a good time going back to Abuja after spending 4 months in Lagos. It was a struggle not to lose my mind towards those final days at work in December, I’d go home after work to look at my flight booking and asure myself that the day those plane wheels went up would be the beginning of a well deserved break from the madness that is Lagos.

Feel like this excited kid typing this
Feel like this excited kid typing this

Christmas was all I imagined it would be; spent around Family. I never imagined the holidays would be anything else because that was all I missed about Abuja to be honest. The Christmas lunch and the New year cookout were amazing and during those two intimate events I took moments to take it all in, to imprint upon my mind the scene before me, that I had all that I needed before me and for that I’m grateful.

Now I’m back to Lagos (its been almost 2 weeks since I got back in fact) and I’m hoping for the best this year. Grateful for the response I got to my 6 part series in December, to all those who I disturbed with my ideas late into the night and those I forced to read through each part I’m very grateful. I know in a whole the story could have done with some good editing so I assure you all I’ll get an editor for the next piece I put out.

Shout out specially to the folks at phantom pages for giving me my only guest blogging spot of 2012, funny it happened on the very last day of the year. Mr. Pella, I see you. Owe you big time.

To all those who have made me feel less lonely in Lagos; Zotam, Elow, Skills, Jibalzz, Jiboye, Zurri, Deji, Sir Iwobi, Cuddles, Doc, Smiley, Logan and so many other people I can’t think of right now, I thank God for you guys everyday.

Yeah, I know this post looks like a shout out but it really isn’t, its actually what’s been on my mind for a while now. Glad I’m putting it all out now ’cause its on to bigger things from here on out.

There’s a lot to be done guys and I’m thankful I have you guys to share it all with.

See you guys soon, I hope becauase work is killing me.




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