Month: March 2013

My Ship/ Your Ship Our RelationShip

We might as well be ships.
We might as well be ships.

There are very few words that define my existence, words that I hold back from leaving my lips from fear of them being true and ever so damning. I raise my head each day with the utmost anticipation of a positive turn of the tide, a break from the near darkness that encroaches at the edges. My will is strong I know, God has made it so, to battle these elements from within the strength too is from within, amplified by my faith. Man’s words are like bayonets but they will never pierce me enough to bring me down. I say this with a firm footing, never wavering I mutter for doubt lingers.

Its all a concoction of words I know, these things I speak of, self doubt holding an unappreciated sway in my minds fortress. A fortress still being built of scars and tales, my tales. Where will my thoughts go next I fear, where will this fleeting ship of conscious pondering berth. Not despair I pray. A Harbor of hope is what I wish these winds would ferry me to. I pray upon the fates.

Where has your pondering taken you dear reader? Have you spied the jagged shore rocks of uncertainty like I have? Do you posses a steady hand to guide your ship. If yes then I have a thing or two to learn from your stewardship.

… be continued…..