Month: May 2013

My very Fergie May 8th

Our Man Fergie
Our Man Fergie

I’m terrible with dates. Can’t seem to remember people’s birthdays and I don’t even bother with anniversaries ( my exes will testify). I simply enjoy moving on with life, recounting or reflecting on memorable events in my life based on the feelings that take over me. That’s what remains with me, feelings. How I felt at such a memorable time, the motions I was going through and how my immediate environment reacted to my state of being at that point in time. This process has been one of my core strengths because unlike dates, emotions have a stronger imprint on my memory. I remember things much easier when there is an emotion attached to it, a feeling that either jolts or pleases me (I guess a lot of people are like me as well).

But yesterday was different. It all started with the perpetually depressing feeling of recalling it was my late Mother’s birthday but by the time I was settled in at the office, the thoughts of going through the day trying to comfort myself despite her untimely passing were being threatened by the news of Sir Alex Ferguson’s announcement that he would be resigning at the end of the season.

The deep lying pain that comes from missing a loved one coupled with the news that the legendary coach of my beloved Manchester United was finally stepping down, that feeling of uncertainty mixed with fear and sadness. I got nostalgic with the memories Fergie had given me; the ’99 finals in Barcelona, the epic wins against bitter rivals Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea, even the losses. The first time I ever told a girl I loved her was after one of those epic wins at Highbury, when the odds were against the away team and they had to dig deep to vanquish a most formidable foe. I can’t remember how many beers I had already consumed but the combined intoxication from winning such a game and the alcohol probably made blurt out those 3 precious words.

Its not about drunkenly saying ‘I love you’ right now, its about the Legend who leaves the reigns of management after 26 long years of unrivaled success and stability. I am proud to associate with such a man. Its remarkable that he chose to step down when a new team was being built, especially when the multitude of fans felt the UEFA Champions league could once again be in our grasp. We, in our own little ways felt next season would see a new push with Sir Alex gunning for glory in Europe, unperturbed by the shenanigans of the Turkish ref in the knock out stage game against Real Madrid.

Manchester United as a result of Ferguson’s leadership have developed that in built desire not to dwell on defeat, to pick themselves up and move ahead, looking to the future and this is one thing the fans (real fans) have grown accustomed to and have in several degrees adopted to their personal lives. United and the fans have come to accept Ferguson’s departure and with it the inevitable changing of the guard. We welcome David Moyes and wish him all the best as he inherits a daunting legacy. We all know Ferguson’s work is almost unmatchable in the modern game and we would be insensitive and unfair to expect the same from our new manager, yet the expectations are there and we will be there from the beginning of the season till the end to cheer the team no matter what.

Most importantly, our gratitude goes to the man who has made us all proud, a passionate and dedicated leader and visionary coach. We will miss him but we know it had to happen one day.

Now the date; May 08 will further never be the same to me again.