Month: November 2013

We Wait….



There’s a new environment I live in these days, one filled with boundless uncertainty yet bursting with promise and potential. It takes a lot of guts to wade into the world of an entrepreneur these days, the daily work ethic can sometimes approach the physical pain barrier and other times it dour. You take what you get but never for one day get out of bed without feeling positive and expectant because I won’t lie to you, it shows on your face. One of the good aspects of it is the numerous people you meet on a daily basis, people never too hesitant to give you their own opinion, professional or otherwise.

I talk to clients and acquaintances about prospects and plans and gladly do, never too open and never too secretive; you never know when the next big idea will come from. Which brings me to an interesting experience I had today. I had a meeting with a client a few days ago, a retired oil worker who told me about his early foray into business and to paraphrase him, he said “there are days in business you find yourself standing at the gate of a big organization with the security guard staring at you like filth telling you the person you have come to see is busy and you have no other option but to wait in the hot sun sweating it out…”. I laughed it off along with my business partner as a mere joke but today we had an appointment with someone in a ‘big organization’ and approached the building a few minutes before the agreed time of the meeting. The guard asked who we came to see and upon hearing the person’s name asked the dreaded question “does she know you are coming?”. I gave my partner a questioning look knowing his response but our new friend suggested we called to confirm if she wasn’t busy.

After making 7 or so calls to our query’s phone and getting no response we looked at the guard as if hoping for some type of response that would save us from the blistering heat we were currently experiencing outside the organization’s entrance gate. He simply told us he couldn’t grant us entry without getting clearance. I asked my partner “so what do we do?”, “We wait.”…. After standing to the side of the gate entrance for about five minutes and wiping sweat off my face a couple of times our client’s statement came back to me all of a sudden. Here we were waiting for someone who had set up a meeting with us to answer our calls under intense heat with a security guard staring blankly back at us. I reminded my partner about the statement and predictably we had a good laugh about it.

I’m typing this in a fully air-conditioned room, probably been here for more than 4 hours, maybe I’m not so keen on venturing outside into the heat too soon because of that experience but I’m taking it as a wake up call.

It’s both exciting and quite painful almost in equal measures but I’m definitely bracing up for whatever comes my way. Have an enjoyable week guys.