Month: February 2014


Oh! You know Ivanhoe
Oh! You know Ivanhoe

Do I have to talk about everything I think about? Do ‘You’ talk about everything you think about? A lot of times I ask myself what interesting conversation really is. What makes it circularly acceptable; that topic or those ambiguous or metaphorical words we speak in relatively good company? Do you think you’re good at making conversation? Some of you don’t think you’re that bad.
I think I suck on some levels. I find myself in some social circles and I’m speechless, not for lacking anything to say but because I really don’t find the topic being brought up as being ‘my thing’.
I don’t even try.
Conversations stimulate, conversations give insight and conversations give way to connections and ultimately relationships. Most of the time it’s not really about what we are saying, it’s about how we say things and why.
‘A good word is never really a good word without a smile.’ Feelings, emotions & compassion hide in words, unearthed by listeners to reveal messages. You didn’t know? Come on, I’m not saying something new here.
I think basically the kinds of conversations we have can be broken down into the following categories (don’t quote me on this); Sex, Money, Sports, politics, life experiences, faith & entertainment, all of them in no particular order.
Maybe there are others but the listed categories above are usually 9 out of ten times going to come up. Are they worth it? Hell yeah!
We get to know most people by the things they talk about or don’t talk about, sooner or later we decide if that person can become more than just an acquaintance or stay that way. Things you share in common, their views on key issues and their attitude towards matters and values. Society thrives on many things, conversations included. Unconsciously our 6 degrees of separation between a stranger and yourself is established through interactions.
We’re in a time where physical conversations are becoming more of a myth than something that actually happens. It’s not something I’m comfortable with, being in a social gathering and watching people disappear into their smart phones. Yes the room becomes less noisy but who said that’s a good idea any way. Forget chat apps and dating rooms, those are just lazy excuses as far as I’m concerned and being shy isn’t going to cut it. It is your duty to connect in my opinion (don’t take my word for it).
So maybe you’re reading this at a social gathering or in your new office where nobody knows who you really are and the awesome card tricks you know about. Best you drop the ipad/smartphone now and get to talking (finish reading this piece first).