Month: March 2014

Space: Wonder or Oblivion


I have never stopped thinking of space, that infinite darkness, occasionally illuminated by planets and stars; burning gigantic balls of gases and mass (that’s what they told us in science class).
Growing up watching the popular Star Trek Tv series and movies featuring either Captain Kirk or Captain Pricard (I eventually became more attached to the Deep Space 9 spin off) I found myself much more curious about space. Not like I took up a full time hobby reading up on space phenomenon and its other peculiarities I simply found it amusing each time I got the chance to stare up at the stars and wonder. You yourself have to admit that you’ve asked yourself once in a while what really exists up there, beyond the stars in the deafening silence that you’d imagine was out there.
What really lies out there? Other forms or life or merely more and more inhospitable planets like we’ve come to observe within our immediate galaxy, or we simply are not looking at things the right way.
Space nonetheless still is an intriguing prospect when we eventually find the means to explore its distant frontiers sometime in the future. Sci-Fi movies have tried to give us an idea of what lies out there but I doubt if they would have come any closer to being accurate to the truth.

captain sisko
Warp Speed?
Humaniod species?
Cryogenic sleep?
Have you ever thought about these possibilities? Or science doesn’t seem that thrilling to you?
What does space mean to you otherwise? Is it the beginning of the boundless limits that Humans can aspire to in order to unlock infinite potentials and astonishing discoveries or is it just merely oblivion? That dark nothingness that reminds us of the eternity the soul is promised shall we choose not to walk an upright path?
NB: In case you were wondering, I am a Trekker. Live long and prosper.