Month: December 2014

Griffin’s Anthology. Vol. 1; Introduction

If you follow me on a regular on twitter or on Instagram you might have stumbled across a post of mine with the same title. It was supposed to be my next big project as a writer and I had so many ideas I was looking forward to trying out. Unfortunately fate had other plans for me. As announced, the series was supposed to debut its first post on the 18th of December then have a post debut each day for the next twelve days till the 30th of December.

I woke up on the 16th feeling both nervous and confident about this project, feeling the creative juices flow ever so fluently like they used to do back when I wrote more frequently. My thoughts for that morning were not so settled per say, as I had just discovered my phone had crashed so imagine my surprise when I discovered my laptop had suffered the same fate.

It really was demoralizing for the next week even after I had the laptop fixed, I could barely even give the poor laptop a look out of fear of trashing it, most of my work lost forever, it just seemed so unfair, but the show must go on and I’m glad to say I’m back to working on Anthology Vol. 1. . This time around I’m taking a totally different approach to each piece and will most likely start dropping them from the 2nd of January 2015.

Griffin’s Anthology Vol. 1 is literally about anything. I’m not going to be doing strictly fiction but I’ll also have a few commentary pieces that will touch on subjects or issues that I feel I must unburden and share with you.

Where are my manners; compliments of the season and I wish you all a most wonderful 2015 ahead.