Month: March 2015

Vote 2015- The decision

Take a moment to ponder with me about the upcoming elections. It’s a raging debate, causing the most mutual of friends to take sides and engage in heated debates and shouting matches. In all honesty I have never seen such a sharp divide in a long time and looking at it long-term it mean our politics is evolving somewhat and that is a good thing in terms of wanting people to be opinionated and informed.

Who are you voting for in the Presidential elections? A lot of you have your minds made up I can tell, judging by the reaction when one candidate or the other is mentioned you can very well tell who a potential voter will be going to the ballot for. Are we sure we have looked at all/both candidates with the utmost objectivity or are we unashamedly leaning towards sentiments and bias? I say this because I have found out while going round engaging with various friends and acquaintances that objectivity has also become a relative word. It differs substantially depending on who you are talking to and not like I blame most people for seeing things and making up their minds this way but it still might be better for us all to channel our objectivity even more and ignore these sentiments.

I say this because we might unearth vital information that could prove useful in ensuring the right person leads us for the next 4 years. Yes we have looked at past records and performances and even evaluated family, regional and religious backgrounds but to tell the truth are we looking at the right indicators of what makes each individual electable, or are we merely as already mentioned earlier being overly sentimental in this crucial matter.  It is even more difficult with the negative campaigns and propaganda flying all over the place via both conventional media and social media.

In the build up to the previously proposed date of the elections I had been quite vocal about who I favored as a candidate  (not the reason for this piece) but after the postponement I decided to take a back seat and observe from a distance and not get embroiled in the back and forth between both sides. This new position revealed how muddled up the facts can get when the message is being passed across. A lot of people have, with the best of intentions tried to shine favorable light on their respective candidates but certain negative elements on both sides are hell-bent on pursuing a more aggressive campaign, attempting to focus more on the insubstantial and frivolous as opposed to the real issues of corruption, policy, infrastructure, health, the economy and most importantly security.

A handful of people have tried drawing our attention to the lack of in-depth detailing in the respective major political candidate’s manifesto but it doesn’t seem to be raising more than a few eyebrows. If that is no concern for you then it is even more worrying. The reason we elect these people is to have leaders who see the issue and can put the necessary things in place to address and further prevent a repetition so if neither side feels compelled to put forward a more detailed party manifest that goes beyond bullet points and agendas then we must ask them to do so.

Refocusing on our individual choice candidates and how we can properly scrutinize them it is important to note that there is a wide acceptance that neither major candidate is without his flaws/short-comings but it has to be pointed out that the focus has to be on the candidate who looks more than capable of tackling the issues that seem most important to you; corruption, security, the economy or education.  I feel this is the best way to look at each candidate as opposed to listening to all the propaganda and negative campaigning. Do a little research of your own and do your best not to get swept up in all the misleading statistics, I guarantee you will be better educated for it and maybe you will be better placed to properly convincing your friends and family why your preferred candidate deserves a shot at running the country for the next 4 years.