Month: June 2015

Change don Jam go slow.

Change has come they said. It’s going to get better they said. Look at our National Assembly now. It’s a damn circus.

I don’t have to flip the papers or channels too far to catch up on hilarious intrigues and power play which I personally find embarrassing. Why are we even complaining or hurling insults. Why are my even bothered to feel embarrassed. We clearly elected people from the same pool of filth and horse dung into the representative chambers of government. I wonder why we thought things were going to be different from top to bottom. April fool came quite late this year but it seems it was worth the wait even though the joke is on most us.

As someone who has never really seen any difference between the APC and PDP I am just glad the only significant incident so far has been the attempted removal of a Mace (visions of chairs being tossed just flashed before my eyes). We all must understand that our pseudo-esteemed senators and house of rep members haven’t come across the proverbial change just yet. The main reason they are ย jostling for these leadership positions are purely selfish and will remain so for quite sometime. Men and women who seek to make a difference in a nation like Nigeria don’t simply suspend plenary sitting for a month yet tell us they are working for our best interests.

The economy and financial situation in the country requires a heightened level of attention and supervision our senators and reps cannot seem to provide. Only two committees have been formed while we still wait for them to approve ministers as of the writing of this post (not like PMB has sent them his list any way) yet a month into the 8th NASS and all we have seen is tomfoolery. This means our work as the electorate is far from done. Who is that big man in your senatorial district? Has he made any direct or indirect impact in your ward/district except for piecemeal gifts and empty promises? The next elections mean added work; closer monitoring of personage and character. It’s not going to be funny if the 9th NASS starts with this sort of poor man’s House of Cards.

The truth for Buhari supporters is for the President to make any form of difference during the next four years he needs a far more credible, selfless and focused legislature. One which is constituted largely of men and women who know the task ahead is not about wardrobe allowances or budget allocations but about ensuring the constituents they represent derive the maximum benefit from the existing administration.

For the next four years I am sorry to say I have very little hope for the Saraki/ Dogora led legislature. I foresee a continuous state of upheaval and disgraceful market square behavior because to add more salt to the wounds the monies the previous legislatures have tended to enjoy will not be so easily forthcoming owing to the present economic difficulties. I say we stomach this insult for the time being and let them serve their time. Calling for #UndressNASS or #OccupyNASS will barely scratch the surface of whatever form of change needs to come to the hollowed chambers of the legislature. In the meantime I say we embark on a proper enlightenment exercise, one which will be focused on informing the greater masses of what a senator or house or reps members true duties and functions really are.

Targets and expectations need to be set for individual senators/reps, the same things need to be done to geo political zones and caucuses. We must let future senate/representative hopefuls know what they are aspiring for and the clear terms on which we shall elect them. The real work is in getting a larger portion of the populace aware of these things so that whenever the ‘bigman’ wheels into their village or neighborhood they know the right questions to ask and are sure they are listening to what they ought to be told. It has become imperative at this point because we can’t continue to leave the hope of the future generations to chance and thuggery.

Nigeria’s future is supposed to be debated by intellectuals and men with far reaching vision, not short term opportunists.