My ship, Your ship, our relationship Part 2

Still my ship. How is yours?
Still my ship. How is yours?

I remember beginning a piece in 2013 about uncertainty, how steering my ship had seemed…so unsure and near aimless. It seemed as if I was terribly reaching for something to grasp. Not out of desperation or hopelessness but with a strangely dissatisfied sense of hope, searching towards positive things ahead. I confess I feared for myself in moments of deep introspection back then, worrying I would never see proper new horizons of light and purpose I longed for.

I must admit that period stands out as a low ebb for me, my days were filled with pondering. Nevertheless I never for once accepted the storm would claim me, as days went by I began to accept I was going to be alright, needing mainly to become more adept at seeing the early signs and seizing winds of opportunity.

Fast forward to 2 years from that post and I think I am finally getting a little hang of this steering thing. I’m still a bit clumsy but at least I’m heading somewhere now and I feel the wind of managed expectation blowing against my face. The jagged reefs and the shallow shores have become familiar and there is the understanding that all I need is a reinforced hull and a willingness to keep pushing further out to sea no matter the many times I feel marooned.

As for you guys, it’s been a while. So how are your ships doing? Peachy I hope…


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