What a year!


I can’t begin to describe the highs and lows of this year because I quite honestly want to keep this piece as short as possible due to my strong desire not to write like this anymore. I have become increasingly bothered about not being able to express myself through that key voice of mine I feel I have long hidden from the pages of this blog pages.

To be quite honest I can’t say that voice I speak of has featured prominently on this blog. Maybe in spurts and bursts, not in long flourishes that will definitely dominate paragraph after paragraph. But that’s that.m, let me not start off with another ‘i really want to write piece’.

Here I am beginning the year having experienced a whole new dimension to being some sort of responsible adult; being responsible for a fledgling business and a handful of people. To be quite honest I haven’t really had this full spectrum of responsibilities before now. Maybe in my first job I was required to supervise over 60 people including their own supervisors and managers but I was well insulated from key aspects of the larger scope of the business. Things are also developing at a faster pace than I imagined as regards growth and it brings a strong sense of satisfaction to me each day when I see my clients confess to the growth their businesses are experiencing.

So, yes, Business has been good so far.

In a few days I hope I’ll be able to share good news with friends and clients about key business decisions we had been working towards the end of 2015.

As regards other aspects I really am not sure how to simply talk about them. Like finding out I can actually like someone genuinely even though I soon realized that relationship was most likely heading nowhere, it hurt a bit but I am working on moving on everyday (it’s not easy).

But the sweetest part for me this year has been seeing the bond within my family grow stronger. That for me is the one true crowning joy of 2015. I pray you all have a wonderful 2016.

Bless up :))


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