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Fiction: Of The Night

There are moments at night unknown to us men, when time freezes for an eternity and something else takes reign over the elements and fates, something dark and mysterious to the knowledge of man but I have seen it. How this happened I do not know, all I do know is my life has never been the same again. I have come to dread the night for it brings with it my hunters, those who have been dedicated to ending my very existence for this perceived misstep they believe I made. Now I am forced to fight, for almost endless nights I face these creatures of an unknown world, battling for my own survival. There have been nights where giving up has been at the forefront of my thoughts as the hour approaches, to end these battles and embrace this death that I seem to continuously postpone.

I curse the day I stumbled upon this world, the day I was discovered as not being of that unknown and unspoken world. It has robbed me of all forms of normalcy I once boasted of, ripping me away from family and friends, leaving me without the normal routine I was meant to embrace as I grew up. Now I am forced to hide while the people who care for me have searched me out hopelessly wondering what has become of me. I am sure I would be endangering them the minute I am honest with them about what has been happening to me over the past 4 years. I remember trying to tell my older brother about the attack when I had managed to fend off attacks for a fifth time, he really didn’t believe me but something just felt weird after I told him, by night fall on the same day I knew I had made a big mistake, the attacks were stronger and they didn’t seem to come for me alone, fighting off these creatures as they tried to take me and my brother away was far worse than fighting them off merely because I wanted to live, I would never have been able to live with myself had they succeeded that night. To him it was merely a terrible nightmare and my heart sank as I watched him hug his bible closer every night for the next 2 weeks, I overheard his hushed whisper as he prayed so hard for Angels to come and watch over him, what he didn’t know was that for those two weeks I was the one who watched over him, battling these creatures that were so hell bent on taking him all because of me.

I remember the last night they tried to come for him, how after a terrible fight I had screamed through blood and tears in another tongue I never knew I could speak before that moment “He knows nothing of us!!!”. Even they froze in shock, staring at me through their unimaginable eyes, somehow I had managed to learn their tongue because the next words I heard were crystal clear and understood by me; “You are still not safe….Mazael…your brother will outlive you..”. They had even given me a name, or was that what they called my kind? There was no fight that night, they merely lurked in the darkness watching me, probably observing me, maybe wondering where my weaknesses lay. The battles soon resumed days later but at least they no longer bothered my brother.

Mazael…they knew me..or whatever it was that name meant- they knew my kind- for I have no other explanation as to how I have been able to see them or fight them. Why they seek to hunt me and destroy me is still a mystery to me. I accept I have always been different, not particularly bright but different, seeing things almost everyone around me did not. Physically I grew different, having a higher threshold for pain and an unexplainable increase in strength whenever I felt threatened. It might read like I’m some sort of super human being but considering the things I have faced and the life I have been forced to live it feels nothing like that. The creatures; vile, horrid eyes, burning sulphuric breaths and grotesque postures still haunt me long after I have vanquished them.

Nothing in my dreams or visions has been revealed to me about my true nature, all I know is that I dread the night. It’s approach brings the dread of death and the unknown here after, abandoning my family feels like I have blessed them with a longer stay in this world, yet again I fear they might be sought in reprisal.


Vote 2015- The decision

Take a moment to ponder with me about the upcoming elections. It’s a raging debate, causing the most mutual of friends to take sides and engage in heated debates and shouting matches. In all honesty I have never seen such a sharp divide in a long time and looking at it long-term it mean our politics is evolving somewhat and that is a good thing in terms of wanting people to be opinionated and informed.

Who are you voting for in the Presidential elections? A lot of you have your minds made up I can tell, judging by the reaction when one candidate or the other is mentioned you can very well tell who a potential voter will be going to the ballot for. Are we sure we have looked at all/both candidates with the utmost objectivity or are we unashamedly leaning towards sentiments and bias? I say this because I have found out while going round engaging with various friends and acquaintances that objectivity has also become a relative word. It differs substantially depending on who you are talking to and not like I blame most people for seeing things and making up their minds this way but it still might be better for us all to channel our objectivity even more and ignore these sentiments.

I say this because we might unearth vital information that could prove useful in ensuring the right person leads us for the next 4 years. Yes we have looked at past records and performances and even evaluated family, regional and religious backgrounds but to tell the truth are we looking at the right indicators of what makes each individual electable, or are we merely as already mentioned earlier being overly sentimental in this crucial matter.  It is even more difficult with the negative campaigns and propaganda flying all over the place via both conventional media and social media.

In the build up to the previously proposed date of the elections I had been quite vocal about who I favored as a candidate  (not the reason for this piece) but after the postponement I decided to take a back seat and observe from a distance and not get embroiled in the back and forth between both sides. This new position revealed how muddled up the facts can get when the message is being passed across. A lot of people have, with the best of intentions tried to shine favorable light on their respective candidates but certain negative elements on both sides are hell-bent on pursuing a more aggressive campaign, attempting to focus more on the insubstantial and frivolous as opposed to the real issues of corruption, policy, infrastructure, health, the economy and most importantly security.

A handful of people have tried drawing our attention to the lack of in-depth detailing in the respective major political candidate’s manifesto but it doesn’t seem to be raising more than a few eyebrows. If that is no concern for you then it is even more worrying. The reason we elect these people is to have leaders who see the issue and can put the necessary things in place to address and further prevent a repetition so if neither side feels compelled to put forward a more detailed party manifest that goes beyond bullet points and agendas then we must ask them to do so.

Refocusing on our individual choice candidates and how we can properly scrutinize them it is important to note that there is a wide acceptance that neither major candidate is without his flaws/short-comings but it has to be pointed out that the focus has to be on the candidate who looks more than capable of tackling the issues that seem most important to you; corruption, security, the economy or education.  I feel this is the best way to look at each candidate as opposed to listening to all the propaganda and negative campaigning. Do a little research of your own and do your best not to get swept up in all the misleading statistics, I guarantee you will be better educated for it and maybe you will be better placed to properly convincing your friends and family why your preferred candidate deserves a shot at running the country for the next 4 years.


So I got a pleasantly shocking surprise this morning; my 12-year-old sister told me she reads my blog. You have no idea how thrilled i am right now, it really is a big deal for me, knowing that another member of my family and a young one at that has taken some interest in my semi-dedicated writing venture. She mentioned reading my post about losing Mr. S and talking to her friends about it…. hopefully she gets a little more insight into her late Father. It’s something I really want them to never lose grasp of, the knowledge of the man who loved and raised all 5 of us.

Then there was this acquaintance of mine a few weeks ago I ran into. For some unexplained reason he decided to open up to me about his gambling problems. Hearing a grown man (probably older than myself) confess to losing tens of millions of Naira was hard to understand. It magnified the stories I had always read about or the scenes I was used to watching on TV, how men and women would display a pathetic sense of helplessness while talking about fighting an addiction. Here was this man sitting in front of me talking about gambling, willingly taking his hard-earned money and hoping he could get lucky by the most leanest of margins. I wasn’t lenient with him I confess, chastising and reprimanding him yet I still tried to empathize, doing my best to point out the danger he faced if he continued to indulge in this vice he had so willingly embraced. To be honest I sensed he was relating his story to me just to brag but as I decided to patiently sit with him and hear him out I began to sense the desperation and vulnerability around him. He couldn’t stop talking about how well he knew he had messed himself up, pointing out instances where in his bid to stay clean and focused, unwitting course of events had conspired to drag him back in.

There are people who will read this and immediately judge this man and I was close to joining that band but it took me just a moment to realize I needed to understand what this man was going through. He did not deny he had done wrong and he was willing to admit he had a serious and debilitating problem, one he confessed had cost him several vital relationships. At this point I decided to offer the little help I could by advising him. I gave my opinion of the best ways he could help himself by actively occupying his time and focusing on business. I made it quite clear that it was a difficult and obstacle ridden climb back up but the rewards were worth it, by helping him realize what he stood to lose and how alienated he would be if he chose to continue on this destructive path. In order for me to seem more relate-able I confessed to him I was part of a small Texas Hold’em crew who met up 2/3 times a week for a few rounds of cards, it was completely harmless and we always kept ourselves in check once anyone of us showed any signs of becoming careless.

When I saw our dear friend last week he gave me quite a huge hug, thanking me profusely for the talk I had with him weeks ago. He claimed I really hit it home with my words and they had helped him refocus on the real things that mattered, I was happy he was making progress and I honestly hope he doesn’t go back to his old ways again.

Realizing how I have made minor impacts in people’s lives is part of what keeps me going. Truth is I have never taken myself that seriously but quite often I come across people who claim I have done something to change their lives for the better. Here’s hoping I continue to ‘unknowingly’ help people make progress in various aspects of their lives.

A Fridge pilgrimage

I dislike standing in front of a fridge, a fridge that has nothing for me…no quick fixes or tempting propositions. It almost saddens me. Standing there, door ajar in my hands and yet nothing.

Yet I find myself doing it at least 4 to 5 times a day. I never get tired of it.
Then sometimes I realise the reason for my constant disappointment; I never put anything in the fridge in the first place. Who ever put something there has either taken it or has left a significant mark on it I’d be dumb, blind and retarded to ignore such a sign and pick it up.

But it still doesn’t change things to a certain degree. There’s that quiet hope that one of those 4 to 5 times you open that door, you might find something slated for general consumption.

Wish everything was 'For General Cosumption' .

Not that pack of shrimp that you’re allergic to, or the frozen tomatoes that aren’t stand alone consumption items.

Sometimes you’ll wish you came across that bowl of blue bunny you are a 100% sure no one can lay claim to or the aluminium foil wrap indicating a sizable amount of Yahuza suya enclosed within.

Those are the things that spur me on to keep on opening that door. Those general items are my beacons of hope. A sign that the rest of my co- inhabitants have not entirely lost their souls to this slaving world. That they still care.

As I talk to you all right now, my steps guide me towards the kitchen. I walk with faith. Hoping above all hopes that something is there…..

I’m sure a few people saw the disappointment in my eyes last night after dinner, as I pretended to check the fridge for water.
They obviously knew I could as well have gone to the dispenser. Yes, my search was for some well made dessert. I never found any. Going off to bed with a heavy heart devoid of the joys of cake.

My journey to the fridge has not been in vain this time!
As I sit at the kitchen table, cajoled by a good helping of my prized find, I bless he/she who has made this possible. Saving me from another couple hours of emptiness.

These are one of the many moments I live for, I hope you all can also relate.
Now leave me to my delicious cake.

I’m sure you all make that trip and find yours too.


Due Diligence

If i try starting this post with 21 reasons why I haven’t put up a post in a while I might as well just go back 1 and a half months ago and to one of my previous posts, do a quick copy and paste. Typing this piece now, my head is buzzing. Probably had more than my fair share of Jack Daniels last night.
Its been a while yeah, but my thoughts are never far away from prose…stringing words together is purely second nature to me, almost every 30 secs i find myself mentally constructing stories, words, poetry and diatribes out of thin air, only inspired by a thought. If there was only a way to connect my brain to a WiFi router that had an obscurely written program meant for Ms word or WordPress, I’ll probably be up for a Hugo award by now, but no. Who dash me?! For now I’ll settle for moments of spontaneity like this one, where I involuntarily find myself in front of a computer screen, typing away without fear of censorship.
To the 1% who are opportuned to read this, I’m sure you have no qualms with my inconsistency or incoherence if you have, mail me your generator and a 12 month income and you’ll be guaranteed all the posts you desire.
Just finished another round of discussions of the time, date and the who I’m going to marry. *phew* crossing that picket line is going to be a while to be honest.

I'm getting you

It’s like an obsession, no one seems to dwell too much on world hunger or global peace any more, all I hear now is ‘Marriage’. It’s a sign of the times I’m sure, if I was probably 6 years younger in 2011 maybe I would be more concerned with doing the jerk and buying a X-Box. Well, everyone’s doing it, not like I’m looking forward to it. Wonder why there’s no union/arrangement like ‘Friends With Benefits till Thy Kingdom come’…I’d do well in that sorta arrangement.

Well, most of what I really wanted to say might just end up on twitter or worse still be conceived and die a premature death in the catacombs of my mind.

I think I should buy a tape recorder for this. Later guys…


A Drunkard’s Tale.

Today is not a regular day. in fact it doesn’t feel like a day i’d usually put up a post.

I don’t know quite honestly…maybe its the timing i suspect.
But i’m unusually inspired to do something i haven’t done in a long time. I’m not sure how its going to turn out but I’m excited by what the end product is going to be. you can call it ramblings or random poetry if you like, me, i’m just going to let it flow…….

the bottle stands on the table before me,
half empty, half full.
it has become imperative that only i know of its demise,
i must prove to it that it wields no power over me.

‘Jack Daniels’ sits there,
laughing at me scornfully,
imitating still art,
awaiting my fall from grace.

my liver cries in despair,
for it is doused in liquor,
the poisons flow through it unabated,
“why master! why the burning pain?”

the wallet rests in the comfort and warmth of my pocket,
flat and empty,
devoid of cash or debit card,
it sings a broke man’s tune tonight.

Going out on a limb…

some of you would be familiar with the title of my post. For those of you who aren’t, it could be described as taking a wild guess or risking it all on something you aren’t sure of.

But in my case right now it simply means what it says literally; walking on one limb. For over 3 weeks now i started an exercise regiment that involved about 30mins of jogging and another 30 mins of stretches, sit-ups and crunches, all in a bid to get back into shape and lose some unwanted flab that was beginning to appear around my abdominal area.

It all seemed to be going on well initially. I was feeling in great shape, bulking up in the right places and feeling more alive in the mornings. Well until last week when i decided to push myself a bit further.
By rough estimation i jog about 2km or less every weekday morning and it usually takes me a maximum of 30mins to complete. By the 2nd week i was barely breaking a sweat to complete the same route in 20mins, so someone suggested i extend my route by another kilometer.
I chose a friday for this particular exercise since i would have the opportunity to access my condition on saturday without the fear of over exerting myself 2 days in a row if it turned out that i wasn’t ready.
half way through the new route i felt a pull in my left leg. it felt tight and at that point i knew something was wrong (well i figured it wasn’t so serious) ….i tried to keep going but the tightness was restrictive.
I ended up walking the rest of the route back home.
i figured maybe 2 days of rest would bring some relief. By monday morning i felt ready to go and out i went, completing the new route with relative ease. The next day didn’t turn out as planned though, as i completed my run on tuesday morning and got down to do a few crunches and sit-ups i felt my entire lower left leg give way from my knee to my ankle. The pain was numbing and putting weight on the leg was near impossible in fact.

It took me one sleepless night to figure out I needed to seek medical advice.
This was how I found out first hand that Doctors have the least sympathy when breaking bad news to you (trust me I appreciate the honesty). My doctor friend broke it to me straight; “from what I gather you’ve got a knee ligament sprain/strain..”.

For the first time I felt like a professional footballer but without the fat pay check and that’s exactly what I told her.
I’ve been advised to stay off jogging for the next 5 days and get proper heat treatment.
The stay off jogging part has been easy but the heat treatment has been difficult simply because I haven’t found anyone to give me a proper massage (I’m looking for offers).

The pain is still there, running from knee to ankle, annoying as ever so if you see me walk by you on the street just know I’m ‘going out on a limb’.

Deuces guys.