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Ares Ponders (Olympus series draft)

He sat at a high vantage point, pugged face, observing the battle. He clearly wasn’t enjoying much of it. The blood shed he craved had adopted a more cautious flow.

Both sides were unevenly matched and there was hardly any worthy warrior he could look upon, who he felt matched anything near his thirst for blood. They were all afraid. Crouched behind high walls, concealing their faces behind vision scopes and sand bag reinforcements. This was not the way Ares wanted wars to be fought.

He was losing body counts to the gods and deities who oversaw pestilence, disease and famine. A laughing stock he had become.
He longed for the days of sword and spear, of shields and gauntlets.
Not one of the sides he currently observed worshiped him as a matter of fact. A truly forgotten god he was.
His rage burned at the realization of his limited significance.
In place of kings, men had chosen whimps and cowering liars as their leaders. None who could hold on to power long enough or dream big enough of conquest and victory.

For a moment his thoughts went to Troy. The long war. Fought for over 14 years, it seemed eternities ago. A time that saw him at his greatest, as men, demi gods and heroes fell by the sword. Not entirely of his doing


Olympus: The Brother Gods Meet (Part 1)

Hades accompanied by Ceberus

The mountain stood solitary, , it was in nothingness, was rooted to nothing beneath it. Its 52 peaks all covered in lush green vegetation. The sky above it was radiant white and it stretched to the farthest the eyes could possible see. Endless oceans surrounded Olympus and the creatures beneath its waters were resplendent and sadly extinct to earth.
In everything worldly and Cosmically possible, Olympus was a sight to behold. Its serving inhabitant were neither mortal nor immortals, formed from humus and given very little in essence, their duty was to serve without question or much thought beyond chore or process.
Upon the land itself creatures never seen moved amongst Olympus’s inhabitants, never to be touched or hunted.
Wind never blew, neither did the rains or snow fall.
Homes, temples and gardens surrounded the base of the mountains, all made of varying colors of white marble and stone. In obscure places, Pillars stood in solitary locations, partially covered by reeds. These were sentry posts used by Zeus’s eagle. Not necessarily watching over the city, but pretending to.
It was something the other gods would discuss on the occasion in passing, what their dear Zeus was watching over amongst the mindless drones that maintained the mountain’s surroundings.

On the highest peak of Olympus stood its most sacred hall, its pride and joy: Zeus’s Court and Council room. When physically present on earth, mortals had called it Zeus’s throne room.
It was made of Pure Marble. 12 mighty pillars on either side, spaced between by 20 feet each, the roof was a semi pyramid, lined with astonishing gold. the pillars themselves were 60 feet high. It was by no means an insignificant structure. The stairs leading all the way to the structure began at the very foot of Olympus itself, its last step flirting with the Ocean.

Around the structure, statues of all the gods and heroes adorned, telling its own individual tale and capturing the slightest features of those they were erected in honor of.

Zeus stood at an exposed balcony at an upper level of the structure, watching the city below, What he had decreed created. Yet he felt it was still as a result of want and longing he had done so. The creatures bustling by, pretending to be busy, in his mind he imagined a street fight occurring, just as he did, two men carrying farm wares bumped into each other, their eyes fixed, mimicking rage. Then they lunged forward at each others throat, rolling and scampering in the dust. Zeus saw the futility in the exercise; they had no passion, no desire, no will or need to avenge or protect. What was within them was the easiest submission to his will.
Zeus wondered what the next few moments would be, the meeting with his dear brothers would start shortly and they were both soon to arrive.
The subject of the meeting was what made Zeus uncomfortable; ‘should there be a future for man?’. It had been many years since the agreement had been made to leave the mortals alone, it had also been many years since Zeus had set about in his obscure plan, banishing several female goddesses to earth, sealing their essence in mortal frames, millennium after millennium.
Hades and Poseidon had been astonished to find out what Zeus had done. It was normal to find one god/goddess banish to another world for a perceived slight or offense, but in this case several?
It didn’t take long for them to see through Zeus’s ploy. As they continued to watch, they soon began to observe the strides Mortals had begun to take, the advancements were unprecedented.

Hades was the first to make the observation, his domain had observed a significant drop in population. Projected exodus had fallen.
Hades felt uncomfortable, like his dominion was being threatened.
To avoid confrontation, he instead collaborated with Ares, bringing about several occurrences of War and pestilence to force a huge spike in mortal deaths. Sadly he was limited to these few flashes in history.


Poseidon on the other hand saw further encroachment into his territory, Mortals had developed mighty underwater vessels that would take them to far greater depths than he was comfortable with. They had developed strange new weapons with greater precision and far better destructive tendencies. Now his ocean inhabitants were dwindling, some had gotten extinct. His many efforts to discourage man’s action in his domain yielded very little results, the sea was under great threat.
As Zeus stood on the balcony, a slight darkness engulfed the sky, soon enough Cerberus’s growl announced his master’s entrance, the hound immediately returning to its domain to guard what he was entrusted with.
Hades, dressed in a pale gray robe still looked sedately resplendent but was nothing compared to Zeus’s Golden luminescence. Unlike his youngest brother’s sparkly white beard Hades’ gray beard matched his tunic. both had striking blue eyes but there was something tranquil about Hades’. Zeus had come down from his elevated position and now stood before his brother. As words were about to be spoken ripples of water announced the arrival of Poseidon, with Similar striking eyes and a dark beard, he wore a blue tunic with black trimmings.
The first meeting between the brother gods in 11,000 years.
“if we permitted ourselves to age a little, i guess discussing probable changes in our physical attributes would be enough to break the thousand-year old ice between us, but that is not the case”
It was always Hades who came up with the most unexpected of sarcasm. Zeus always wondered if he didn’t spend decades thinking up such remarks. Then again, Hades was barely without a statement of sarcasm; what was he thinking, he was the god of sarcasm.
Zeus did not hesitate to prolong the expected banter, instead he went straight to the point; ” your reason for calling this meeting is still unclear to me brothers. What could possibly lead you two to call for the immediate annihilation of the human race?”

“isn’t it obvious Zeus? they have over stepped their boundaries, from our realms we have watched them do and undo, desecrate and violate everything we and the titans before us struggled to create.” Poseidon spoke with an unusual fury. Zeus knew Poseidon’s loss of one of his last remaining great white whales angered him deeply, but in truth that was not the reason Hades and Poseidon had called for this meeting.

” Zeus, what other reason must we seek to end all this, their ability to create life itself puts our own very existence into doubt and yet you expect us to sit and wait… they might as well come knocking on the very doors of Olympus itself if they could…”

Lighting and thunder broke the still air and ran through the sky before the words were completed.
Hades and Poseidon stood still before their brother, such a thing had never happened on Olympus in eleven thousand years.

Part 2 of ‘the god brothers meet’ will be released in subsequent days ahead. hope you’ve all enjoyed the story so far…


Hephaestus & Aphrodite

Hephaestus: god of Blacksmiths & Craftsmen

The Chateau stood alone, a hilly part of the French country side town where people rarely asked questions. The inhabitants were rarely seen, except if one was to believe the claims of an old man whose cottage was down the road from the solitary castle, claiming to have seen the most beautiful woman to ever walk the face of the earth. Viewing her for a few seconds as her means of transport passed his shanty abode.
She had for a slight moment wound the glass down to reveal what he says still haunts him till this day.
The old man was not a known drinker, neither had he been known to be delusional, but ever since the day he claimed he saw the Lady who came to live in the castle, people doubted his sanity.
Despite that his word was not entirely ignored. Naughty little girls were told stories of an evil witch who lived in the Chateau, if they were naughty she would come in the middle of the night and steal their beauty, turning them into trolls. That always kept them in check.

Hephaestus knew he had chosen the right location once again. If he couldn’t stop his wife’s constant infidelity he’d at least keep her away from the curious eyes of mortals. One man down in the village who had already seen her face was already considered a lunatic.
That was the potency of his Wife’s Beauty. Aphrodite was the most beautiful thing to ever walk the face of the earth and the Olympus.

But her loyalty to their union was not so highly exalted. Over the Milenia that had gone by she never stayed faithful, Ares, Adonis and many others after.

He felt helpless, almost cursing Zeus for sanctioning such a union. His Father had seen it as a way of stopping imminent war happening on Olympus amongst the gods. Aphrodite was truly that beautiful.
His presence passed through the town and approached the Chateau, stopping by briefly in front of the old man’s shanty cottage, there the man sat on an old wooden chair, eyes focused on the Chateau, as if waiting to catch another glimpse of the mysterious lady who lived in it.
Once, he had passed by while the old man spoke to a lone traveler while giving him water, the reason why Hephaestus had stopped to listen to the conversation came from the question the Stranger had asked; “are there any interesting things in these parts sir?”. The Old man became more animated upon hearing this question and began the same story he had repeated over a hundred times;”why, there’s nothing interesting about these parts sir, except you want to see the most beautiful woman in the world.
She lives in that Castle you are about to go past…”
Hephaestus wanted to see the extent of this stranger’s curiosity for some men had followed Aphrodite literally to one end of the world. He hoped dearly this was not one of them. Gratefully, the traveler simply paused momentarily in front of the Chateau gates before moving on. That was the last Hephaestus saw of the traveler.

The Chateau belonged to a blind man, his estate was an inheritance as well as the numerous industries tied to his name. Hephaestus had struck an agreement with him to harbor his bride within the castle for as long as he could while he would guarantee the blind man unimaginable success in all aspects of his business. Against expectation the man had maintained a low profile contrary to how Hephaestus had predicted. Attributing his success to a 6th sense he had developed as compensation for loss of his eye, it sometimes amused Hephaestus when he thought about the possibility of this man ever regaining his sight.
What he would give up if he were to have just a mere glimpse of the beauty which he hid from the world.

The Blind Magnate never came by, only ensuring the Chateau was well maintained and the few workers within were barely changed. There was the aged butler and two maids who were both middle-aged. The grounds man came every fourth night and when he stopped by the town for a drink, the locals where unable to glean any information from him regarding the mysterious and private occupants of the Chateau. All he did was tend to the outer grounds and his payments were never a day late.

Hephaestus materialized in the waiting chamber of his Wife’s bedroom, right before the door. His physical disability never displeased him, only when Aphrodite pointed it out. She attributed it to why she never found it easy to share a bed with him, it saddened and enraged him at the same time.
But now all that was trivial, the pressing mater at hand had forced him to visit Aphrodite a year early. Hephaestus had received the message from the Owl in the morning and set about making preparations. His physical form sat on a wheel chair specially created for easy movement throughout the Chateau, he wore a tweed jacket with matching pants, willing the chair to move towards the bedroom door he heard his wife’s muffled whelps coming from the other side. He shook his head as he braced himself to see what new lover she had brought to her bed. With a bit more force than he usually would use he pushed the door wide open and wheeled in.


Aphrodite: goddess of beauty & sexuality

Aphrodite lay sprawled on the huge King sized bed. Her hips moved to the his every thrust. Above her he seemed so violent, attempting to wield her into submission. In some unexplainable way she was the one who wielded him. He fought it, tried harder with his immense strength, but each aggressive thrust seemed to be nullified, her hips still rhythmic in movement. The pleasure he felt was always the same but never one he was accustomed to. He felt power being drained from him. In the thousands of wars he had incited and won, this was one where he was always Conquered over and over again.
He Ares, god of War had never been able to conquer this goddess.
Aphrodite knew where his thoughts were traveling to, she knew his thoughts and she saw the desperation for victory in his eyes, how pathetic he was.
To her Ares was just an untamed brute, he treated everything like war and that was his mistake.
If only he would see her as his Lover, just maybe she would yield. But no one else reached into her like he did, for this sole reason she always called out to him.
Even as he towered over her Ares felt himself ride wave after wave of pleasure as Aphrodite moved in her rhythmic fashion. He was in awe of this power she wielded. He looked at the woman before him and gradually felt a sense of powerlessness. Such beauty, such grace embodied in one woman. Gladly he would give away all his victories to see her yield.

Aphrodite sensed it was enough, in his eyes she saw him losing himself gradually, he had begun to approach that threshold where most men had been lost, the point where most men lost all sanity to worship her.

Aphrodite let them both climax at the same time, releasing him from her hold. Ares always liked this part, the instant rush, it always felt like a thousand kills with a single blow. Her moans complimented it all. A false sense of victory, her signal of surrender even though it was not at his own demand.

Immediately Ares left the bed and stood to his full frame uncovered, battle scars lingered in most parts. Just at the same time Hephaestus burst into the room, his eyes dashing from one lover to the other.
“Aphrodite this has got to stop” he shouted in a strong voice” the old clock in the room began to chime. It was only 12:36 in the afternoon.
Ares let out a menacing laugh as he vanished within a thick black cloud.

“thousands of years of infidelity and you still make a claim over me? you are one insufferable cripple”. Aphrodite might have been beautiful, but her tongue was vile.
“How would I not when it was sanctioned by the king of the gods himself, i would but suffer alone without such infidelity before my eyes if i had the choice. Your thousand years of such acts make me wonder which testicle you were cut from”. Hephaestus retorted.
Aphrodite sat on the bed in shock. Never in all her lifetimes or the one before her mortality had she heard a god or man refer to her means of birth in such a manner.
She knew Hephaestus was troubled.
In a much gentler voice she inquired; “what troubles you my darling?”
“Hades and Poseidon are demanding a council meeting, Zeus needs you by his side…”
his voice was filled with troubled thoughts.
“But it was Zeus who banished us, why should he need us for this rare council?” Aphrodite had begun to get agitated, her thoughts traveling back thousands of years to the faithful day the banishment had been pronounced.
“it is to determine the fate of this world my love, tonight, your mortal body dies.”
In one swift movement Hephaestus leaped from his chair brandishing a Golden dagger and was upon Aphrodite.
She had not anticipated his action, the knife was 6 inches into her chest by the time she felt the pain.
As the blood flowed freely from the open wound, every thing around her began to go dark.

She woke up with renewed power, her essence loomed over her physical body, she stopped to admire its form, such beauty, such grace embodied yet lifeless.
She noticed Hephaestus’s presence. “You must go my love, Zeus awaits you.”



Apollo watched Artemis from a concealed corner of the club on a first floor balcony within the building. He could see her moving and he knew what she was doing. She missed Delphi, her temple, her worshipers. Here she was reduced to dancing the ancient dances alone. No offerings and no Virgins to accompany her.

He was unseen to every mortal around him at the moment, he could not risk it, other deities and creatures of old had invaded the mortal world and had even gone as far as to device ways to look more and more human. Such acts were not regulated by the gods or any Olympian, but it was frowned upon none the less. Thousands of years ago an unwritten/ unspoken rule had been agreed upon that association or in- breeding with mortals was to be stopped, so far the gods and especially Zeus had kept to this unspoken rule, not the others though and being detected at such a time would cause unwanted panic amongst the ‘others’.

Apollo floated directly above Artemis, over the 11,000 years she had spent as a mortal he had watched over her, always making sure not to reveal himself to her. He was quite sure she had all her memories as a goddess, her abilities and powers he could not be sure, he preferred to keep a distance from her so as not to alert her senses. Artemis was a great hunter with a remarkable sense of smell and instinct.

Today he was about to break all the rules he had established regarding observing his beloved sister. Things had gotten worse back on Olympus and bearing it alone was beyond him.
The only option left to him was to find a way to get Artemis back to Olympus.

Apollo had been hurried along secretly by Zeus, Hades and Poseidon had called for an unprecedented council meeting.All Zeus had said was: “bring Artemis home.”

This had never been done before, no god had spent this much time on Earth. Here he was trying to change it all.
It was time his sister returned home.

Apollo tried to stay afloat, the wings he had borrowed from Eros could never feel comfortable, even the god of love had found it difficult to lend them to Apollo but he had no choice, Zeus had decreed it. Now Eros lay hidden far from Olympus, from the prying eyes of Poseidon and Hades.

No swifter means could have gotten Apollo to Artemis this fast.

As he watched his sister, he wondered how remarkable it was, even with her dark skin and dark hair he had easily located her, how unintentionally she looked far more graceful and pristine than anyone else in the room.

He looked to a nearby table and observed 3 ladies seated with an expensive bottle of champagne gently dipped inside a bucket of ice give Artemis distasteful glances as she danced. She had obviously stolen their thunder, eyes were barely looking in their direction.

They looked humanly beautiful but how could they dare compare to Artemis, thankfully Aphrodite would not make an appearance. The goddess Zeus feared would cause a war on Olympus.

Apollo refocused again to the mission at hand. He found it disbelieving that he would be chosen to carry out this mission. Even though Zeus had been partially secretive about the whole reason for the banishment and the sudden need to recall Artemis, he suspected his father’s position as the king of the gods being threatened was a key reason for this summon.

As Apollo watched from above, he couldn’t help but recall the early days after his birth, how he had singlehandedly slain Python then his step-mother Hera had sent Tityos after him. It was then Artemis had come to his aid. But the giant who had tried to rape their mother Leto had proven hard to defeat but Zeus had come to their aid, hurling Tityos down to Tartarus and spreading him on his back. There he lay till this day like Prometheus, his liver fed upon each day by two vultures.

That had been he and Artemis’ first battle together, and they had such an unusual bond since then, perhaps it was the singular acknowledgment of the need to preserve each other at the behest of Leto or it was an in born will inherited from their father Zeus, it was still a mystery.

He had been caught in his thoughts but suddenly he realized Artemis had left the dance floor, she moved too abruptly. Apollo was suspicious. He glanced around the room quickly and soon found out why.

10 meters from her stood a half breed harpie, the whole time concealed in its human form. This would normally have not been a cause for alarm had the creature not begun to make familiar sounds only Apollo and Artemis would have been able to discern as being hostile. The creature had begun to advance towards Artemis while it shed its human form unnoticed by the mortals around it. Its cry was painfully screeching and unpleasant, its quick recognition had caused Artemis to flee. It was one of the 3 ladies who were seated with the champagne bottle.

This was not part of the plan and Apollo knew he had to act fast.

Outside the club Artemis ran towards the car park trying to locate where she had left her vehicle. She was defenseless against such a creature without her bow and arrow or a Spear.
Half way through the park she heard the same noise she heard above the loud music on the dance floor, the creature had closed up the distance between the two of them and was getting closer, then she heard its wings begin to flap. It had taken flight and was no doubt going to attack her from above, a surprise attack she wouldn’t expect, the creature would pick its timing to strike, knowing fully well she had no means to defend herself.

She had to think fast. She sensed the Harpie coming in for its first attack. With almost Lightning quick reflexes she jumped to her left behind a car, it was just at the same time she felt a leathery sheet hit her on the side, it took her of balance and cause her to bang her head against the car door. She felt dazed, for a moment she tried to be aware of her surroundings as quick as possible but it was too late. She heard the wild shrill and looked up as the Harpie came in for the kill, Its blackened weathered skin seemed unreal, its eyes filled with hunger and hate, claws of bone mangled with flesh. Its menacing cry was of victory of the hunt and it dove to claim its prize.

Inches away from her face it seemed to get knocked off course, for a moment she saw its eyes become lifeless as it got flung by an unseen force onto the bonnet of an a nearby vehicle.

For a split second Artemis lay there confused, she got up and looked at the creature as it lay still on the car’s hood, wings and body acutely mangled together. Then she saw the arrow that had pierced its side. Her eyes followed the direction from which the arrow had come, she looked to her left and saw the shape of young man of average height standing in the shadows beneath a tree. The boy held tight to a golden bow with an arrow held within his grip at the ready.
His presence was familiar but a feature made her doubt who he was, the wings that fluttered behind his back were unrecognizable and that was reason enough for her not to go any closer to him, her eyes searched her surrounding area for any make shift weapon; how she wished she held a spear at this moment.
He stepped out of the shadows as he spoke his name in the most ancient of languages; ” It is I, Apollo”. His grip loosened on the bow and arrow as he said this.

Artemis saw him under the moonlight, the first time in over 11,000 years, his face as youthful as ever, his body well proportioned and formed. She couldn’t help herself from feeling so much joy.
He was covered in a dark hooded robe, even that could not conceal the shine he exuded.
“Sister, I have come to take you back home” .

Far from Olympia

I’ve always wanted to do something related to Greek mythology, so i recently came up with an idea. I’ve created a category called the Olympus series, any one who has in-dept knowledge or wants to contribute can get in touch with me, I’ll really appreciate.

Hope you all enjoy it, here’s the first part


There were times she swore she saw Zeus in a bustling crowd, then again, there was a bit of Zeus in every man she came across; her own father could not be trusted, that was a historically known fact.

After all they had been through, millennium after millennium, war after war, this was her reward. The anger that burned within her could never dissipate, never! 11,000 years of being confined to such varying mortal frames. To be reincarnated when each body’s life force was expended, bearing freshly the memories of the previous lives she lived.

Surely Zeus had not thought these things through, seizing the immortality of the goddesses and leaving them to experience life and death over and over again.

For the first few hundred years it had been mere amusement. Something they themselves had in some way desired. But when the first millennium passed,the humor in the entire experience was gone. Like the other goddesses had experienced, the mortals they had come to live amongst had become boring, disrespectful and worst of all, had totally forgotten about them.
She had seen with her own eyes as some of her sacred temples got pulled down with no form of disciple or follower putting up a fight. A place she always loved to visit. what was left were a hand full of relics, turned into nothing but tourist attractions. Shemade frequent visits to these sites when she could, lingering around in the shadows of her shrine and hoping to hear worshipers call out her name.

This had happened in the western lands. They had forsaken the sacred rites of worship and had embraced their own contraptions and creations; or so they believed. She witnessed these mortals on their first flight into the heavens and even beyond in a short period of time.

Now mortals were on the edge of recreation of life itself. This unsettled her in no small way, she would spend many nights imagining what it would have been like if all 12 Olympians were to have been seated while these things happened. Poseidon would have called for mankind’s destruction by water obviously. Hades would surely begin to dream of a much larger domain to control (a chance to usurp the brother he so loathed).

Apollo, the one she could never take her eyes off, her beloved twin.
He couldn’t care any less.
How she missed her twin. How he would sit in a garden, a secluded part of Olympia, playing music only he knew the origins of.

As her mind wandered back and forth it gradually settled upon her current life, she had not expected it but her present incarnation excited her.

It was the life of an African.
Born into a well to do Nigerian family in the early 1980s. It was the first dark-skinned form she would be appearing in, having already lived as a Chinese woman in the Han dynasty, native American Indian & a woman from Milton Keynes amongst many. Her immediate past life had been a German woman who ended up being a nurse during world war 2. Her ability to miraculously heal people, especially women was put to use albeit on the wrong side. She didn’t really care much if the Germans were on the right or wrong, all that mattered to her was the urge to stop the suffering and pain she witnessed.

As a goddess she had played a major role in the Trojan war, stopping the Greek and Spartan ships from sailing and forcing Agamemnon to sacrifice his daughter. Apart from Apollo most of the other gods had wanted the war to end as soon as possible, not the more than a decade war that it turned out to be. Soon after Troy fell, as she walked amongst the ruins of the shattered city, she felt no satisfaction, no accomplishment, even her worshipers fell silent.The war had been baseless. Over a golden apple? And they had allowed Paris to be the judge of their beauty. As she thought about it now, after her series of mortal experiences she felt slightly ashamed. Undoubtedly experiencing these more complex feelings had initially been unsettling, but as their frequency increased she became more accustomed to understanding them and their origins.

The need to stop many deaths had plunged her into the middle of another senseless war.She had chosen not to take sides but to focus on the help she could render, at the end of it all the stories were horrifying. The death camps and human experimentation. Already advanced in years, she disappeared into the mountains, stayed in seclusion and for the first time experienced the human feeling of guilt. Her life force died shortly after

Her name now was Asabe, the only child of her parents. The fact that one of the attributes Olympians had was the ease with which the got jealous was probably why she was always the only child to any of the families she was born into.

Asabe was dotted on by both her parents. Yet she asked for the most unexpected of gifts for her 10th birthday; a quiver full of real arrows and a bow. She hung these items on the wall in her room. They reminded her of her possessions left behind on Olympia.She banished the thought of never returning, never seeing her estranged Mother Leto, never discussing the thrills of the hunt with Apollo.
At 27 her human form’s flawless beauty had bloomed. The long line of suitors seemed almost endless yet it was a pitiful sight. The truth would surely be incomprehensible to them no without her revealing her true nature; as the goddess of virginity her chastity was second nature.

How she missed Orion, the only man who ever understood her. She spent many nights watching the stars, where Zeus had preserved him.

Her mind came back to her present surroundings, She sat in her pottery shed, in front of her latest creation, a large vase that she was definitely going to enjoy painting. The previous ones she had made were selling at ridiculous prices and the art dealer who was helping her was beginning to loose his mind, asking her to make a few more and at a faster pace.
In another place she would have struck him down for trying to give her instructions.
But today she wasn’t going to be rushed, she felt an air of freedom surround her. For the first time in a long time she was less tense. ” i guess I’ll go out tonight”

A few hours later she was all dressed up in a black, short, body hugging long-sleeved dress, high-heeled blue shoes and a clutch purse, she let her unnaturally long hair lose for the night. She would be going alone, the last of her chosen girls had finally lost her virginity and she wasn’t willing to seek out new underlings. In as much as it pained her she knew there was little she could do to stop her underlings from getting deflowered, unlike the old days when young girls where specially chosen to tend to her devoted to lives of chastity and attending to her every need.

She missed her golden chariot, pulled along by her ever so excited deers. Now she made do with one of the amusing contraptions mortals had created; a car.
Getting into the club was not a problem, it was trying to tell as much men as she could that she would not be requiring company. She soon found her way to a corner of the crowded building and nestled in a seat with her drink. She watched for a bit before taking the last drops of her cocktail. Her thoughts were focused on Delos, her birth island, she rose from her seat and walked towards the center of the dance floor, in her mind she found herself in the midst of her worshipers during one of her commemorative festivals, as the music played she lost all inhibitions and threw her hands in the hair, her neck and hair flung back and her body moving invitingly to the music. In the cascading light she closed her eyes and danced then mouthed the words: “worship me”

Unknown to her, from an elevated view-point, despite the crowd, despite the music, despite the lights, an ancient pair of eyes watched her.