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Notes from Kajuru

Somewhere worth going
Somewhere worth going

I have never been fond of travelling, anything that puts me on a Nigerian Federal road makes me uneasy, especially now that I recently survived a near fatal car crash. So you can imagine my particular surprise when I found myself looking forward to a trip to Kajuru in Kaduna. My friends (about 20 of us) had pooled our resources together to get the chance to see the famous Kajuru castle. At this point I must confess the excitement build up as the day drew closer was hard to contain. Based on pictures I had looked up on the internet and word of mouth I had gathered Kajuru seemed like THE PLACE to be.

Kajuru Castle
Kajuru Castle

It’s been 2 days since we got back and the euphoria from the experience is just beginning to slowly ebb away and the memory of the view all around the castle. Now that is something I am not willing to let go so easily. Anyone who gets to see it probably should never forget such a view, at least I know I won’t for the foreseeable future.

Part of the things that impressed me about the castle itself were the efforts to make it look as authentic as possible; from the knight sword and armor to the hanging shields and weapons. Then there was the secret room behind the bookshelf that bit of revelation was so cool for me and now I feel grateful to that visionary German who made quite an effort in bringing such a European concept and piece of architecture to the North Central of Nigeria.

Just look
Just look

Something understated that struck me about the castle was how I could barely think of any Nigerian who had embarked on such a significant project without requiring it to edify him or place him in the public spotlight at considerable length. Maybe the German was going for that and as a result of him being an outsider didn’t quite get the reception he felt he deserved, maybe, but he sure built something that has helped make a great impression about the Nigerian landscape.

The greenery, the massive/towering rocks and the near endless rolling hills still take my breath away when I stare at the pictures I took on this trip.


It might not be for everyone but I quite honestly wish a majority of Nigerians could experience the opportunities involved in seeing our own country side at its most original and untouched state; beautiful and majestic. Maybe just before these untouched vistas are tampered with and physically eroded and degraded people will eventually get to see such places. I honestly do pray so, if only for the calming effect it might bring or if I were permitted to wish for the impossible, for people to for just a moment be at one with nature.


Nothing Really.

Honestly, Nothing, Really. Look.

You ever get that feeling when you know its important you write something but nothing seems forthcoming? Its not actual writer’s block, it more of an inability to figure out what topic or what genre of fiction it is you would like to tackle or write about at that particular time.

Funny thing is I probably came up with a handful of ideas over the previous week without actually penning any single one of them down.

arghh… no excuses right? I almost forgot, reason why I go around with 3 different note books (one for my business ideas, one for work and the last one for my personal thoughts). A few weeks ago I finally summoned the courage to go over the words I had written in my personal journal, apart from a disturbing overlying propensity to be self critical and prone to procrastination  there was really nothing surprising about it. Means I’m fine right? *shrug*……

I’m self  absorbed to a disturbing degree I know, I’m trying so hard to stop; see, here I am focusing mainly on myself in this particular post. pfffftt…..

Well, to be honest, I really haven’t come up with something so profound to blog about. I usually achieve that when my mind wonders, momentarily touching on a topic then taking flight almost immediately. The process is almost like pollination, as if my mind is a wide open field full of flowers sprouting and dying almost at the same time , but lately its been more involved in focused thoughts, which I’m still trying to get used to.

You see (if you’re interested), my job requires me to virtually come up with ideas almost endlessly. Its only natural I find myself thinking of only a limited number of things as a by-product.

Guess that’s all for today.

But before  I go, I have to confess; being a bachelor is not beans, especially when you can’t actually cook.

Need help with cooking classes ASAP.

How have you guys been?

Picture, courtesy of Chrisbramble.co.uk